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what is GG chat please?

flissiebell 1 | 13
9 May 2010 #1
Hiya all
i was wondering how do i find GG chat as i have no idea what this is, can anyone please help ty

flissie x
time means 5 | 1,309
9 May 2010 #2
I think it's Gadu-gadu. It is some type of chat thingy. Tap it in on Google and i'm sure it's on there.
Vincent 9 | 890
9 May 2010 #3
Gadu-Gadu is a Polish instant messaging service. You would have to download the software and set it up. All the instructions would be in Polish, so your Polish would have to be quite good:)
internaldialog 4 | 144
9 May 2010 #5
i was wondering how do i find GG chat as i have no idea what this is, can anyone please help ty tells you about it

here is where its downloadable

i already have it installed on my pc but im on my third number as i deleted my old ones through spamming nowadays i dont get any thankfully :) I also use it via Nimbuzz on my blackberry :)

But as Vincent pointed out all the instructions are in polish to install and set up an account so if you are beginner to Polish you may best have a Polish friend help you install it on your pc, for me i took a worthy guess a couple years ago to install it as i was beginner.

MareGaea 29 | 2,751
9 May 2010 #6
Well, I cannot read Polish, but yet I managed to set it up, some time ago... :) It's pretty basic and logic, so with even a minimum of PC knowledge, you should be able to figure it out if you don't speak or read Polish. Don't have it anymore though, there's no point and with Skype, GoogleTalk and even still an ICQ account I am more than well served with pointless instant msging...


M-G (oh look, you can now get IM for your mobile too! Now you can ask your friend what he is doing, not only when he's at home, but also when he's not at home! Also you can ask him the most asked question in modern communication: "where are you now?" Anyway, going to have chicken with cherry sauce now. Yum:) )
Wroclaw Boy
9 May 2010 #7
I am more than well served with pointless instant msging...

Whats pointless about it?

You can also discuss business for free with conference capabilities, even video call to distant relatives - for free.

I see your point though i had a friend pestering me everytime he was online, its like dude find something to do.
Seanus 15 | 19,672
9 May 2010 #8
I'm with WB on this one, it's not pointless. It's a quick way of getting a message across. I use it from time to time.
MareGaea 29 | 2,751
9 May 2010 #9
Nah, I just don't like it. The only use I see for it is when you are communicating with family or friends that live far away from you, then it comes in handy.

Well for the use you guys pointed out, I can see some use in there too, however, one can also pick up the phone and make a quick call - in case when a response is directly needed, that would be the quickest way.


M-G (the chicken with cherry sauce was delicious)
Nieznajomy - | 11
9 May 2010 #10
Several multi-clients support the Gadu-Gadu protocol. No need to run separate apps for IM stuff, especially since most of the "official clients" are bloated as hell.

I mostly use GG to get end-of-auction warnings on Allegro, though. :D
OP flissiebell 1 | 13
9 May 2010 #11
im greatful for everyones help as im talkin to a chap recently met online, n he said i should try GG :-) so im gunna b brave n see where this takes me lol

thanks again :-)
zuczek 3 | 52
10 May 2010 #12
I like using IM and SMS better than talking on the phone. More direct and not always trying to fill the space with words so there isn't dead air.

I haven't used GG because my Polish is horrible but used to use MSN a lot. Lately though nobody is around.
Joanna_Warsaw - | 6
29 Jan 2011 #13
Hi! Flissiebell, so... did you try GG? DO you like it?
OP flissiebell 1 | 13
30 Jan 2011 #14
hiya no not yet im a little slow sometimes getting my head around things, lost a dear friend last year so that kinda took up my time. very bad time for me.

Still its a new year going to try and get to grips with GG and do my best to learn some polish to :-) xx
Joanna_Warsaw - | 6
30 Jan 2011 #15
Hi. I see...
GG is veeeery simple. No rush..
And how is this learning going on? ;) Any progress? ;)
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594
30 Jan 2011 #16 - Download GG here

However, it's only in Polish. But it's easy to learn.

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