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Polish Cartoons/ Legends

CacyUlcia 2 | 46
3 Mar 2010 #1
My (non-biological) childen want to see MORE OF POLISH CARTOONS!!!
Any sugestions? cartoons that you like?
They don't understand English so these cartoons or legents have to be Polish!
I've already showed them Muminki but that's not enough for them, they want to see MORE, and different characters.
3 Mar 2010 #2
Some suggestions:
-Koziolek Matolek
-Żwirek i Muchomorek
porzeczka - | 102
4 Mar 2010 #3

Kubuś Puchatek


100% Polish:
OP CacyUlcia 2 | 46
4 Mar 2010 #4
Żwirek i Muchomorek
Children think it's interesting, but it's short and they would like to see these characters in color!


-Koziolek Matolek "Władca Pustyni": I've already showed them this one and they seem to like it.

I'm not so shure if I want to show them that specific episode from Chojrak, it's spookiness is too confusing. I recommend Reksio instead.

gumishu 11 | 5,859
4 Mar 2010 #5
I guess they will be happy watching 'Zaczarowany ołówek' and 'Bolek i lolek'
porzeczka - | 102
6 Mar 2010 #6
Try if they will like these:
Porwanie Baltazara Gąbki
Miś Uszatek

Chojrak, it's spookiness is too confusing.

I like it ;) but you are right if the children are small, it might be too scary for them, so don't show it.
You want 100% Polish cartoons, and not only with Polish dubbing like Muminki etc.
beckski 12 | 1,617
6 Mar 2010 #7
Awesome watching Whinnie the Pooh speak Polish!
ThePotatoe 2 | 38
4 Apr 2010 #9
[Moved from]: Alibaba and Poland

is it true that Alibaba and The forty thieves belonged to poland?

and...this is my first post
...he he he
grubas 12 | 1,390
5 Apr 2010 #10
Yes this is true,they still here, but there is not 40 of them but at least 560.(460 in Sejm+100 in Senate)
ThePotatoe 2 | 38
5 Apr 2010 #11
where do they hide their loot then?
ShawnH 8 | 1,507
5 Apr 2010 #12
In the pockets of the average citizen. They take it back whenever they need it.
Rysavy 10 | 308
8 Oct 2012 #14
O.M.G!! Pooh in Polish!! It was great..... ^_^ I love the things I stumble on here!
strzyga 2 | 993
8 Oct 2012 #15
You want 100% Polish cartoons, and not only with Polish dubbing like Muminki etc.

there were Polish Muminki too, I like them better than the Japanese cartoon

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