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Where to buy a hat (for men) in Kraków ?

Moonlighting 31 | 234
9 Jun 2014 #1
As the summer heat strikes again, I need to protect my head, which is very sensitive. I already own a Fedora hat but that's for winter, it's too warm in the summer. I would like to buy a Panama hat (you know, those made of thin straw tainted in white, with a black ribbon).

There is a shop in Floriańska, but that's for women apparel. Any shop for men in Kraków ?

Thanks. Have a good day.
Roger5 1 | 1,457
9 Jun 2014 #2
Why not buy online? You'll have much more choice, and unless you have a really weird head the measurement is easy. I bought a couple of these on allegro a few years ago.

Panamas go for 249PLN on the same page.
28 Sep 2018 #3
Great shop with hats for men in Kraków is on Krakowska Street 35

Home / Life / Where to buy a hat (for men) in Kraków ?
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