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Polish Visa for an American that has been working under a work visa in Hungary

treeman 3 | 6
30 May 2016 #1
I am an American citizen and would like to live in Poland for at least a year. I have been living and working in Hungary for the last year, but my Hungarian work visa will end June 19, 2016. How does this effect my stay in the Schengen Zone? can I still stay in the Schengen zone after my work visa expires? now I am in Poland, and would like 3 months, is this possible considering that my Hungarian work visa has expired.

I am an aspirating writer. I was in Poland for 6 months in 2014 and would like to spend some more time in Poland to research its history during ww2. i would like to stay for at least 6 months if possible.

I am also an arborist and would like to work with other arborists in Poland.

I am retired and on a military pension.

I was told that because I have a pension from the military, I could get a special visa.

I was also told I could get a visa because I am a writer.

I was also told I could get a work visa or a student visa.

Could anyone give me any Ideas about how to get a visa for Poland? And also If there is anyone that I can help me with doing all the paperwork?

also, How does the expiration of my Hungarian work visa effect my stay in Poland? do I need to leave the Schengen zone by June 19 or am I free to stay in Poland for 3 months?

Thank you for any help
Mr Wiech 2 | 38
30 May 2016 #2
Could anyone give me any Ideas about how to get a visa for Poland?

Go on to the Internet Look for Polish Embassy website they have that in English and learn how to get a visa for Poland. You can call them too.
OP treeman 3 | 6
30 May 2016 #3
Thanks for the reply.
I am presently in Warsaw Poland
2 Jun 2016 #4
Hi Treeman,

The biggest challenge is time as you have 19 days or so to remain in EU and processing time in Warsaw office may take up to a month so You could be screwd if they don't process your extension on time.

I have other ideas: on the day your visa expires hop on the plane and go to UK. Stay there 180 days. (US citizens are allowed to stay there for max 180 days without visa and while you're remaining there try to apply for work permit at Polish consulate there and if visa granted you may travel back to EU without waiting mandatory 180 day period). If you want to get back to EU as a tourist then on the 180-th day right before midnight take ferry to France ( ferry takes about 90 min to cross the channel) when your arrive on a French soil, it should be pass midnight,and get your passport stamped with new date and voila !!!( 3 months legal stay in EU, that's include Poland).

Another idea and possible option would be by going to Germany, they offer self employment visas. If you're a freelancer, artist (aspiring writer), and have some form of income, this is the visa to get (and it's quite easy to get !!! ). It's perfect and will give you one to two years in the EU. You can apply for this visa while you're in Germany, and the process usually takes about a week. Bring a German speaker with you just in case there's a need for translation. The process is pretty straightforward. You might get lucky and get the visa even that day. Or they might review it over the course of a couple of weeks. But if they do that and your Schengen visa is close to expiring, they'll give you a temporary three-month visa extension while they process your request. In theory, one could apply for the visa knowing they won't meet all the requirements simply to get the three-month temporary visa. It's very rare for someone to be denied this visa if you can show income, or money in the bank. How they determine an "artist" is a pretty loose.
TommyTomTom - | 3
13 Dec 2016 #5
Merged: Difficult to get work visa? For American who is Spanish resident

I'll be moving to Poland next year with my girlfriend while she does her Erasmus program in Poznan. I've been working in Spain the last two years as an English teacher, with a residency card that entitles me to travel freely throughout the Schengen zone. The plan is to continue teaching English in Poznan, either in an academy (if I can get a work visa) or as a private tutor (if I can't!). Can anyone advise me if it is a realistic plan to obtain a work visa in Poland -- perhaps being easier since I am already a resident of a European country -- or if I should abandon the hope and just plan on teaching private classes? Thanks, Tom

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