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Questions on documentation for working in Poland ( Visa/work permit/Insurance )

12 Nov 2013 /  #1
Hello, I am getting a work permit in Poland, and I know that after that I must get a visa for working.
I see in the required documents on consulate's website that i must have an insurance and i must prove I have funds for living there.

Those requirements are in general, not specific for visa for working.

Do you know if in the case of work I must still prove those? (I think it would be odd, because I will be earning money there, and I will be living with that new money, and of course, the company will give me an insurance as a normal employee)

Related (juli25):

Dear all,

need your help in order to clear the question about Insurance - when applying for National Visa (type D), we've been told by the Consulate that Insurance for all family members is required and should cover all the period of stay in Poland.

Background: my husband is going to sign employment contract for 18 months (minimum), and that is why we need to apply for long-term visa.
According to the employment conditions, once he arrives to Poland and signs the contract - the company will cover medical insurance for him, and he also has an option to extend and add a family package. Although this will happen only after he becomes an employee... But before that he has to obtain the Visa, and should present the insurance policy for 30K Euro coverage per each family-member.

So does it mean that now we have to procure insurance policy for all the family for 18 months??? this requirement doesnt look reasonable to me at all, first - because I can imagine how expensive this solution would be. Second - why should I buy additional insurance, if I will have an insurance package from the same company, where my husband will be employed?

Probably my perception is wrong, so if anyone encountered similar issue - please help!

Thanks in advance!
13 Nov 2013 /  #2
Check this website. Maybe you will find the answer: Visas.html
13 Nov 2013 /  #3
Hi Udarkness,
I'm in the same situation, my future company just applied to my work permit, an I was informed that I will need an insurance with min 30000 euros, but I can't really find real clear answer for how long it should cover, since once there, the employer will provide health insurance.

I found these 2 pages, but still the answer is not clear. The second link below states that employer could pay . Please if you have more information share

" travel health insurance document (with minimum coverage of 30 000 EUR) valid for the duration of their stay in Poland"

"Travel and health insurance. Schengen visa applicants should ensure themselves for medical assistance valued at least 30 000 €. Polish visa applicants may benefit from national insurance scheme, such as NFZ- what is it?

Attention: Foreigners may be ensured by their employers. "

OP udarkness  
13 Nov 2013 /  #4
About my other point, i found this:,TO,KNOW,1136.html

The last point confirms that we do not need to prove financial means if we get a stay visa for the purpose of carrying out employment :), but I don't know if they will require those for getting the visa.

In my case, Mexico, I cannot find information about that kind of visa on their website. But in Cuba and Chile, they specify just basic documents for every case (i mean photos, passport, your id card, and the form) and in case of work the work permit, and no more.

In which country do you live?

I contact migrant, and they recommended me to call to local consulate. But today they dont work today, and on monday they didn't. In Mexico, they prefer to be contacted by email, but they answer time is not the best.

I recommend you to call to your local consulate and ask. And if you can share the information, it could be amazing.
14 Nov 2013 /  #5
Hi ,
I'm living in Czech Republic (not a citizen, I need a visa to renew every year) . I will finally ask for 1 year insurance because I was directed today to do so by my future employer, so I will do it even if I'm not convinced.

On the other hand , I want to share another post on this subject with the kind explanation from Julie regarding this point, based on her experience no need for such extensive insurance

OP udarkness  
14 Nov 2013 /  #6
Ok, thank you.
And, about pre-existing financial means? have you gotten information about that?

This is my biggest fear about the visa :( It even doesnt allow me to rest calmly haha
For example, in migrant they say 100 pln per day, then one year is 11 715,98 USD
in mexican consulate, they wrote 50 usd per day, then 18 250 USD
But, I still haven't had an answer from the consulate. I hope that today, I will have answers and share with this forum.
14 Nov 2013 /  #7
I will not be providing anything special regarding financial means other than my contract with the company , actually I didn't know that there is such a minimum also for finances, but I think the work permit acts like a 'go' to validate the financial means : if the offer satisfies the minimum requirements (the purpose is to avoid social dumping with cheap labor), the rest will go easier. I don't think the requirements are so high, but honestly I don't have exact numbers regarding it, I'm still waiting for the work permit,
OP udarkness  
14 Nov 2013 /  #8
I called to consulate, the service in Mexico is really ugly.
We decided that I will go (next days, with my visa-free entrance) and apply directly for the residence permit(It can be started since now. Many others had recommended me to do that.

If I want to go with visa, yes, i must buy a TRAVEL insurance (no NFZ, no LuxMed....), and to buy NOW both flight tickets for going and returning (even if i am not planing to return with this), and the company must invite me (or show funds) , for inviting me they must rent a flat.

Then in my case, both options must have both flights, insurance and flat already rented.
Apparently, residence permit can be started without the work permit, but it is necessary for awarding it at the end.

Good luck
11 Dec 2013 /  #9
Dear Julie,
Please allow me to ask regarding the visa process. I was just informed today by my future employer that work permit is ready :) , so now I'm preparing to apply for the visa. I checked the required documents on

Please advice me on these points :

- Is the work permit enough to apply for visa, or it is needed whole contract (which I don't have), because both are mentioned there.

- Did you have to prove with some paper : 'sufficient funds to cover the cost of entry, stay and departure from the territory of Poland'

- Is it necessary to provide proof for accommodation in advance ?

Thanks in advance for your advice,
Best regards,
26 Jan 2014 /  #10
26 Jan 2014 /  #11
How good is your Polish?
26 Jan 2014 /  #12
You'll be able to find something, but salaries are so low that it's not enought to live. Find good job in this profession is almost unreal.
8 Aug 2014 /  #13
Merged: Required work documents help! Proof of previous jobs - statement of work.

Hi there, new to this forum, and new to Poland! My girlfriend is currently living in Krakow, and I am moving over to join her in 3 weeks time. She has been offered a job and is on with the process of sorting out the required documents for said job! I have not heard of some of these things so hoping someone might be able to shed some light on what is required, as if its something that needs getting from England I would like to get them sorted before I travel over there.

For a start they have asked for proof of previous jobs, she has asked if her old tax documents are enough to demonstrate where she worked and received this in reply

"In Polish Labour Code just statement of work can be taken as confirmation of your previous working history.
Emails or tax statement cant be taken. "

They have not explained what a Statement of work should entitle or what it is?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks, Tim
8 Aug 2014 /  #14
they might be wanting copies of a "świadectwo pracy - see here
or zaświadczenie o zatrudnieniu" which is a certificate you can get from an employer that shows employment contract, earnings, termination, if she hasn't worked in Poland she probably won't have anything like this, but copies of her previous employment contract might be what they are after.
26 Mar 2015 /  #15
Merged: Documents required for work visa (Insurance, Booking Proof, accommodation)

Hi All,

i've checked the required documents needed with the work permit to apply for work visa, i have the following questions:

Insurance requirement

what should be the period covered with this document.

Booking Proof

should it be round trip booking ? or only the booking of flight to poland.

A proof of accommodation.

what should be the period of accommodation booking ?

Still no reply ?? is it unknown issue :)
2 Apr 2015 /  #16
i've checked the required documents needed with the work permit to apply for work visa

You can't apply for a work permit; only an employer can apply for a work permit, not an employee (or prospective employee).

is it unknown issue :)

I certainly don't know what you are talking about. When I needed visas for Poland I was never asked about proof of booked travel (or proof of available accommodation).

Your best bet is to contact the Polish consulate and ask them what their interpretation is, they're the one who will be making the decision. Different offices in often have different interpretations of the same regulations, for example a while back the Polish consulate in London would happily process visa applications from Australian citizens who held permanent residency in the UK but the Polish consulate in Berlin would flatly refuse to process visa applications from British citizens who held permanent residency in Germany.
9 Apr 2015 /  #17
I have another question please: do I need to submit original of work permit to embassy or copy is enough as I will need the original afterwards in Poland.
27 May 2016 /  #18
I have a question about work permit. Can employer create a very specific advertisement to be presented it in Voivodeship and to minimize the possibilities of others to apply for the offer?
25 Sep 2016 /  #19
Merged: Polish Work Visa - help needed with filling the form


I am filling the work visa form for the Poland and confuse about the one field. Would appreciate if someone can help me.
What should go in the following field. My current organization address (in India) or the organization where I am going to work (in Poland). Please note both are different.

the field name is
Employer or Educational Institution (field no 20)
Deepak A  
14 Dec 2016 /  #20

I am having same doubt...can any one suggest whether Field no 20 of the National Visa application form talks about the current employer or future employer..plz suggest

Employer or Educational Institution (field no 20)
28 Oct 2017 /  #21

Work Permit

Hello Dear Friends, If you can share your experince please.

Then freshers can get some idea and avoid with rejections.

What Kind of Supporting documents you attached with the applicataion?

Like Agreement, Offer letter, Education Papers, Experuncr Certificates.

Can You Explain Please.??

Thank you.

WHave you attached your agreement with your National Application?
5 Mar 2018 /  #22

D-type visa Holder[Student] Required documents and informations for the work in Poland

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I moved to Wroclaw, Poland beginning of March, I'm here for the Language curse and also I'd like to work.
My main question is, I'm a Visa D holder, Can I work with this visa? If i need any other documents etc? is Visa D mean work permit in Poland?

I know that for the stay longer time and work in one company I'll need a Residence permit But until the get a Residence permit is it enough to have Visa D for work?

Thank you everyone, who read and answered the topic.

Kind Regards.
5 Mar 2018 /  #23
No, D-type visa doesn't give you right to work.

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