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About Tax ID Number (to set up a company)

Recee 1 | 9
15 Jun 2011 #1
Hi all,

I want to learn how I will get Tax ID number in Poland, Warsaw.Now, I study in Warsaw, but I am planning to set up my own business in Poland. Actually, I know this is a small and first step, after graduating I will be better at my job.

I am student here, I have visa and Pesel. I import some goods to Poland. Before I did the same job, but only I made contact with companies. Now, I import goods and then I am to sell these goods in Poland. Also, I will sell on some websites, i.e via paypal.

I do not know exactly what Polish Laws require, but everything I want to do must be legal. Now, everything is ready except tax number. I was to set up a company, yet my Bro said 'no you dont need it, tax id number is enough.' I think I need it due to tariffs.

I need your help and advice.


delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
15 Jun 2011 #2
First question - are you a EU or non-EU citizen?
OP Recee 1 | 9
15 Jun 2011 #3
Yep, I have an EU Cizitenship.!


What If I do not have it, what happens. I think there has been no tariffs since 2000 ? Poland has an agreement with EU and EFTA Countries.

Jacus Aucamp - | 12
15 Feb 2012 #4
Merged: Terms and Conditions for my business launch in Poland

Could somebody please give me some advise on how to get terms and conditions for my business i am about to launch. This is the last step to the launch. My business is advertising through entertainment. If you have any ideas on how to do this or examples anywhere it would be helpful. Thanks. PM me perhaps
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
15 Feb 2012 #5
What do you mean by Terms and Conditions?

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