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Designing Company from Kiev starting business/ Opening Company in Poland.

17 Jul 2011 /  #1
Hello Friends,
How are you all ? Hope everyone is fine there.
Well...We would like to know some info about starting a business in Poland,how much its costs to start,renting office,what all things we need to do before starting business,which place is better to start business,do we need to contact the Polish Embassy in kiev/Ukraine ?

Whats the market for Interior Designing Business in Poland ?
We have a Designing Company in Kiev/Ukraine,we design and build Kitchens,Wine-rooms,Office Cabinets and other interior designing works,We like to do the same business in Poland also.

Any suggestions and ideas about doing business in Poland ?
Also how much does it costs for renting an apartment or buying house in country side ? Which is better,buying or building house ?
Hope you will help us...
Till then...
have a great time...!!!

Tuttus & Anna

4 Aug 2011 /  #2
Merged: Cost for Opening a company.

Dear All,


Can some one let me know what is the total cost for registration of a company in poland as i belong pakistan and interested to open a company in poland.????

3 Oct 2011 /  #3
Hi I recently registered a company in Krakow, but I need to know it took 7 days to register my NIP number, how many more days does it take for a REGON number?

In answer to sunjotras question - it doesn't cost anything to register as a sole trader if you a resident of the European Union.

If you are not a resident of the European union, you must first register for a Work Visa, then you must apply for an identity card and then you can start a business.

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