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Is this Russian connection to Allegro a SCAM or real?

3 Jun 2013 #1
A Russian contacted me by email a couple weeks ago and said he saw my Resume on the Net and thought I would be a good editor for Allegro. He didn't ask for money . I know Russian and have been a writer.

So far I have done about 20 letters to buyers and sellers etc. I simply polish sloppy English translations from Polish or Russian.

The material looks real. He says he will pay my by Paypal each month. I will have to work a month to be paid.

I asked him to put me in touch with a rep here in the USA to verify it is not a scam. So far he hasn't answered. I will ask again as he seems real busy.


I have searched the net to no avail.

His email is


Les Winberg
4 Jun 2013 #2
I got a similar offer from some Allegro rep. Did four days of text editing, then they said this position was temporarily suspended and offered me more money for using my Paypal account for their transactions. I did not provide any of my personal info, but asked them to call me... Pretty sure I will never hear from them again. leswin, let me know please if you get anything.
OP leswin
4 Jun 2013 #3
Thanks Friend

Where are you?

I am in Florida.

The guy I am dealing with is Gleb Pavlov. He is at a .ru email.

I just wrote him today that I needed more info about his connection before I could continue.

I will keep you posted.

Les Winberg
4 Jun 2013 #4
thank you,
I still haven't heard from them as well. I am in CA. the more I think about it the more I think it is some sort of scam. But let's see...
gglon - | 1
4 Jun 2013 #5
If you mean, the Russian version is so if it wouldn't be a scam, you would be contacted from one of those domains.
OP leswin
5 Jun 2013 #6
I have some news.

Please write me at

5 Jun 2013 #7
i sent you email. thanks
10 Jun 2013 #8
Hi. I was contaced by same source from some rep. with Allegro out of Cal. He stated that he is originally frm St. Petersburg Russia. I have been receiving emails supposedly frm some mgr. i guess frm Russia. I supposed to have a PayPal account set-up to be paid as a text editor and that i would be paid by the end of the month. I'm wandering if this is a scam. The haven't asked any money from me.
11 Jun 2013 #9
Hi, I saw your post and was wandering what you found out about allegro. I received an email from them as well stating the same thing. I replied and have done some letters, but can not help but be a little skeptical. The man who contacted me was anatoliy fedorov. It was from a email. Please help me sort this out if you can.

11 Jun 2013 #10
Is this Russian Connection to Allegro legit or a scam? Reply to Leswin and Martsv;
I, too, have been contacted in the same manner, and became an editor. I worked for three weeks, received the notice that the position will be suspended pending the company's need to become more focused on reps and clients for the time being. I found that odd for a couple of reasons: companies wishing to create stronger client relationship while barely able to create business letters in the foreign language of the clients, would hardly get rid of every text editor, and likely not one they couldn't bestow with enough thanks. . . . and to suspend a position in lieu of making already existing editors reps, instead of hiring new reps (?!), was just an uncomfortably strange direction to take. But being an immigrant, and having worked in eleven countries, I talked myself into the idea that up and coming foreign business entrepreneurs may be dealing with various issues not known to us, and not even believable to us in the US. Who knows what upstarts in other nations have to work with? . . . . Oh yeah, I wanted this to work. I wanted to bwe bale to say, this is not a Nigerian deal.

Then, like Marty, I was asked whether I'd like to be a rep as I worked so well and timely and they'd rather not see me losing weeks of employment. I'd take in $ 2000 to $ 3500 monthly for a few hours a week. I was encouraged not to worry about the payment (which was always referred to 'your savings') of all the editing already completed, as it would come to my PayPal account along with the 1100 hundred dollars base pay and the 5% commission for the rep position. In the first week of this saga, I had opened a PayPal account, no limits, and yep I used my bank account to link, as needed by PayPal. I threw caution to the wind for a while, thinking well, as long as I only receive payment for document editing, amounting to 40 dollars average task, and it is a foreign employer, there ought to be no taxation issues, or PayPal problems. It did not take much time to edit, and if I lost those few weeks of an hour daily, and never got paid, it was way less of a loss than some other jobs I had in my life.

But the letters had in fact been quite unprofessional, and even though I told my email contact, Agdam (not the same name you mentioned, but also at in writing why I made certain corrections to help them not repeat the usual errors, I noticed the ill fitting email-replies I received. They never related to what I asked, although I was told to ask all questions that might come up. Here's an example of such an explanation I sent to him: in the US we do not refer to a Mr. Micheal, or Mr. Peter, we use last names with title, or simply a Hello for first names. No answer. Instead, I received many complements regarding my timely work; and continued to delete the Mr. title from Michaels and Peters (and just an aside to you two, Leswin and Martsv, there were so many Peters all of a sudden; in twenty years of teaching I'd only run into one Peter in the Midwest). Well, I stopped worrying and figured at months' end I'll either get paid via my PayPal or I wont, and that will be the end of it.

I then had to correct a particular text addressed to 'Users', in which these folks were notified of this suspension of text editors. That was the first time I realized there were that many of us - it also made me instantly uneasy and sure enough, two days later I received notice reg. suspension of editing jobs in my own email from them, too. However, it was not the corrected text I had completed for the 'Users', but rather a newly formulated one, in their own style of unique English. Remembering the first letter they'd sent to me, stating they'd seen my CV on the web, and sporting a link at the bottom of the email, I returned to that message and clicked on the link Allegro Russia, only to see a message by the carrier of the link regarding the removal of it due to 'improper behavior'. Unfortunately I no longer know what the name of the site was, I cant show you this link either, I just hope you all received it from your contact,too, 'cause I inadvertently deleted the first email!

But this prompted my search all over the web for this company - to no avail. Until I typed in PayPal Allegro Russia and found your and Martsv comments. Eye opening, yes, but still not completely willing to give up - I emailed Agdam that I needed more information and received an email stating I'd get it soon, rather than actually getting it. Now I am worried that I have given them my phone number, address and PayPal info, even though I'm unclear as to how I could be in trouble? I gave PayPal my bank account number, as asked to do by Agdam, but also by PayPal (the latter gave me the choice of using my credit or debit card) The Russians claimed I'd need to get a premier account and be verified, PayPal asked exactly what Agdam had stated, and I followed through. as editor, not as rep. I must add that I have to date not received any request for money . . . .

Now what? Has anyone gotten a bit closer to the true nature of our Russian online option which despite fear of scamming promised to be such a unique opportunity if real, for online extra income. Please do keep information going on this site, and thank you.

That was exactly what woke me up: when I tried to search for the Allegro,ru and found none, I looked for Russian auction options, and found the and nothing else.
12 Jun 2013 #11
Hi! My name is Rebecca, and I just received an employment opportunity from them as well. I've proofread/written two batches of letters from them. However, this morning, Anatoliy Federov began asking personal information. This is the latest email:

"Hi again,

Very nice. Thank you. You do the job very well.
Give us a brief information about yourself, what do you do at your free time, where do you work, what are your future plans. What is the job you would look for for full time.

Your current savings - $85.00 (USD)

we will send you new texts today. Please keep revising the letters during one day.

Thank you,

After receiving a message like that one, and after repeatedly asking for company information, a physical address of the operation, and a phone number without a response to any of those questions, I began to perform internet searches. This is all I came up with.

Through my search, I came across this information regarding the "money mule" scam. Here is the information:

Money Laundering, Re-shipping & Purchase Agent Fraud Information
Money Laundering Fraud

Fraudsters send unsolicited e-mails or place job offers on legitimate Internet recruitment sites or forums looking to recruit 'Money Transfer Agents' with bank or Paypal accounts. These bogus companies offer part-time employment as an agent receiving payments in the form of fake checks or stolen money transfers, sometimes for goods which the company claims to be supplying, and then passing the payment on to the company via a money transfer company such as Moneygram and/or Western Union less an 'agent's percentage', (usually in the range 5-10%).

I think they are trying to hook writers/job seekers by asking them to edit letters, then they are trying to hook them into laundering money for them. But this is only a hunch. Does anyone have any more information about this company?
13 Jun 2013 #12
I've fallen into the same kind of story. I was contacted by them (also Anatoliy Fedorov) initially to edit letters just like you guys and decided to try it for very similar reasons as mialexander. Now they've sent me the same message stating that the editing position is being suspended but I've done such a good job that they want to promote me to representative. While editing their letters I pretty much got the gist of what a representative does and it always made me uncomfortable. It just sounded like a scam. Even if you yourself were never at risk for some kind of security thing involving PayPal or worse your bank account it still sounds fishy. Taking money from their 'clients' and then forwarding it to them overseas. I don't think I'll continue to have any contact with them. I would recommend that no one else does either. If this is a legitimate company trying to conduct legitimate business in the U.S. then there have to be other means of doing it besides using our personal PayPal accounts to forward them money. What happens with taxes also? You get at least $1100 per month which roughly means an extra $13000 per year and something tells me that the IRS doesn't see a dime of it. The whole thing just sounds too good to be true and you don't have to be a genius to know what that means. I wish it were true, it sounded convincing at first, doing relatively easy work with relatively little risk and now I just don't know. Good luck to you guys.
Lenka 3 | 2,445
13 Jun 2013 #13
What interests me is that not one post comes from a member- only guests...
15 Jun 2013 #14
I also received the same email and like Rebecca, I also edited a few batches of letters and then got the same email from Anatoliy Federov. Looks like it's not a good idea to continue. I tried researching like everyone else and came up with not much. If anyone comes up with more info, please post!

15 Jun 2013 #15

I was also contacted by the same person you were. I have done some edits and then I started getting the feeling that they wanted me to become a representative for Paypal since it costs them more in Russia. Isn't this money laundering? I too am suspicious so I asked to be paid for the work I have done so I know they are legit. Anyone experience the same thing? I do not have time to waist if this isn't legit. I am smelling a rat.


Has anyone been paid for being an editor yet. I am certainly not going to be a rep after all I have read. I had a bad feeling at the beginning so I am glad I only did a few edits.

I got the same and have been editing for three days now. I noticed that they are asking people to become representatives so they can accept payment for them in Paypal. They say it is to expensive for them in Russia. I am not sure but I think it is a SCAM. Be aware. I wrote them today to tell them I wanted to be paid for what I have done before I continue. I am pretty sure I won't hear anything back. How clever they are. It just makes you loose trust. So sad.
19 Jun 2013 #16
I have also gotten the same letters. I ran in to this site and decided to dig a little further. I did find this, posted yesterday. It doesn't say much, but I think it is all big enough coincidence to confirm we gave up in time.
2 Jul 2013 #17
I'm kind of glad I'm not the only one taken in by being a "document checker"...I knew it was too good to be true!! Oh, well, just a few hours out of my life spent proofreading. Something told me I was not gonna see that money. thank Minaz for mentioning taxes. i thought the same thing ":If you really make that much money monthly, something had to wrong.
Henry R - | 18
2 Jul 2013 #18
What interests me is that not one post comes from a member- only guests...

Not that there are no scams related to Russia, but this is most probably a smear campaign by Israel because of what is happening in Syria.
9 Jul 2013 #19
hello my name is Miranda,
I too was told the exact same thing. the letter looked like this:


I have found your resume on job board website and thought you as a prospective employee.

We are looking for new people, who can speak and proofread English very well and will help us communicate with our English speaking clients.

You should review our business text files and edit spelling and grammar mistakes that we make.

Salary: $5.00 per 1 Kb. (1024 symbols)

This letter to you is about 1Kb in size.


- Location: USA
- Age: 21 years old and older
- PC user skills, email proficiency

In case interested please provide us with data asked below so as to make sure we have your name and other data correctly.

- Your Full Name:
- Country, State:
- Your Age:
- Your Occupation:

I'll wait for your answer.

Best regards

I----- I was editing for about two weeks then i received a second offer that looked like this:

Hello again!

May we have your attention please!

There have been some business changes in our company in view of the
works to improve the timely servicing of customer transactions.

Therefore, the job of the document editing is temporarily suspended.
Please do not worry about the payment.

We will pay for your services as agreed earlier. (All that you have
saved while working with us, will be paid to your Paypal right on
time). During the collaboration you have proven to be a good and
reliable employee.

We appreciate the individuals like you and we do not want to make a
pause in our work with you.

Therefore we can offer you A NEW JOB with the possibility of career

You are encouraged to work with the fixed salary $ 1100 per month plus
5% fee from each completed assignment. So your income will be about $
2000 -3500 $ per month.

The new job will not take you more time than editing of documents.
You should have access to computer and be available by phone during the
working day. So you can combine collaboration with us and your main

We expect from you the confirmation about the receipt of our offer and
we will immediately send you the precise details to study.

We are looking forward to your reply!

Sincerely yours,

Anatoliy Fedorov.

------ I turned down the second offer and sent 5 different messages inquiring about my payment and still no response. so its up to you to decide its up to you. I hope this has helped you in any way...

Thank you Ms. Miranda Solevilla
16 Jul 2013 #20
This is a huge scam. Their end goal is to get you to act as a PayPal "representative" where you take a payment via PayPal, wire the money to them and keep your percentage. What they don't tell you is that they do not send the item that was paid for and the payments will be reversed in PayPal because of this. It leaves you on the hook for however much they were able to bilk out of you, which can be a great deal.

Do not fall for this scam, don't translate for them, they are fraudsters, liars, and thieves.
17 Jul 2013 #21
Thanks to everyone for responding to this post. I got the same email and when I ask for more information they sent me this link: I too was worried that after a month of work I would never get paid. So glad I did a search for them on the Internet. Anyone happen to know about legitimate offers like this? (Sigh)

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