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Residence Permit Via Marriage to a Polish woman?

hansomreiste 3 | 24
21 Jul 2012 #1

Could you please show me official documents in English about how to get a residence and work permit in Poland via marriage? And, could you please tell me where and how I could get a job in Poland for having graduated from English Literature & Language department and speaking English, Russian, Turkish and Spanish fluently?

My girlfriend is from Poland and I am really fed up with living so far away from her and we wish to marry soon and keep living together in Poland.

What you say about this is important to me, but I firstly prefer official documents released by the Republic of Poland, where I can see statements like "to obtain a residence permit in Poland, you should have bla bla".
21 Jul 2012 #2
Govt info here:,7250.html

More detailed info here:

Nice overview of the process here:
Ray Donovan
12 Jun 2016 #3
Merged: Permanent Residence via Marriage to Polish Girlfriend?

Background: Polish girlfriend living in USA under Green Card, finishing college. Me: currently residing in South America (Argentina), previously lived in USA for several years. Presently working from home for USA company in the automobile transport business. Planning on moving to Poland permanently in a couple/few months, where we intend to contract marriage (and rent a house/aparymentt or take residence in one of her grandparent's homes). What's the best way to go about it? By virtue of my (Argentine) nationality, I can stay in Poland for 90 days without visa. Would that be enough time for us to marry and subsequently acquire residence permit for me? Should I (or would it be best) to apply for a visa in the meantime instead to extend my stay? How much time/money are we looking to invest in this whole endeavour? Naturally, we'd like to do this all in one go, just relocate permanently without going back. I'm ready to move anytime!

If anyone could enumerate the exact steps/documents required for this process, that would be highly appreciated too.


PS: Feel free to inquire as to any pertaining detail I may have missed or overlooked on my part if needed.
TheCodedSelf - | 1
23 May 2017 #4

Temporary residence permit on the basis of marriage - register marriage in Poland?

DzieƄ dobry,

I am married to a Polish citizen and would love to get a temporary residence permit when we next visit Poland. We were married in my country of origin. Please could you let me know if I'll need to register my marriage in Poland, or will my foreign marriage certificate be valid grounds for the temporary residence permit?

Thank you for your time!
Tlum 10 | 155
24 May 2017 #5
You'd surely have to register your marriage in Poland, that's a start (you'd most likely have to have it translated / notarized into Polish - such 'certified translations / notarizations' are expensive to do in Poland so you may want to use a certified Polish translator in your current country to have it ready when it's needed.

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