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Poland - some visa queries; admission cancellation (been studying in a Warsaw university) and school change

xpertize 3 | 8
20 Dec 2011 #1
Hi friends,

I already have one year visa. I have been studying in one university in warsaw for a couple of months now but I didnt like it that much so I took admission in a better university in warsaw.

Now I am going to cancel the admission in my previous university. What concerned me was, if I quit my previous university, the embassy in poland will cancel my student visa.

So I went to wydział spraw cudzoziemców in dluga street (because I was adviced by other university) and told them the story
I also showed them the new acceptance letter and proof of income etc. But they told that it is not needed. They did not take any documents.

So if I change my university, I hope my visa will not be cancelled.
This is because I am not sure if the officer took me seriously there. I hope this is the very procedure.... If I have a visa, I have it. Even if I shift my university. I need not inform anyone.

Is it right?

Varsovian 92 | 634
20 Dec 2011 #2
If the official told you that, you just have to trust him. I find them helpful people, on the whole.
love_sunil80 14 | 127
20 Dec 2011 #3
Since you have changed the university and already have a valid visa it shouldnt be any problem. I would also advice you to ask the new university to send a official letter stating that they have accepted you as a student in their university because your previous university would already sent a letter informing that you are no more student in their university, it would be safe. Also please check that this university is recognized because at times admission for some private schools are not considered for extending your stay in Poland. I hope this information helps you. Cheers.
5 Jun 2016 #4
Merged: Poland - Study VISA Inquiry

Is it okay to come to Poland to study in an institution on VISA, and then cancel the institution and register in university? Or problems might happen?
27 Aug 2019 #5
hi i applied for student visa from Azerbaijan in a public university of Poland . unfortunately i got refusal from Azerbaijan Poland embassy .reason is no i am applying for review . what types of document i need to submit to the Poland embassy in Baku .if my review is reject i can make in appeal in Poland immigration court ?if any immigration lawyer in this group plz help me about case plz my gmail is

Home / Law / Poland - some visa queries; admission cancellation (been studying in a Warsaw university) and school change
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