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Top SME Support Organizations in Poland?

21 Jun 2011 #1
What are the top SME support organizations -- whether a government agency or a nonprofit organization? I am an entrepreneur and own a company with USD10 million in revenues. I am looking for support to help me advance to the next level.

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9 Dec 2014 #2
In Poland we have several institutions, which should support the small and medium-sized enterprises. These include:

- Polish Chamber of Commerce (Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza)

- Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości)

- Regional Development Agencies (Agencje Rozwoju Regionalnego)

For ex. the Lower Silesian Regional Development Agency:

The first of these, the National Chamber of Commerce, is an institution that is already in its status the assistance to entrepreneurs in running their business. This support takes many forms, including opinions on draft laws on economic or development activities and improving competitiveness. In the structures of the Chamber of Commerce are also specialized offices, including International Relations Office or European Union Office, which deal with specific segments of the economy.

It should be mentioned that in virtually every region there are chambers of commerce, in which entrepreneurs next to the information and training services can gain sought information or assistance in organizing study and business missions, or can find out how, where and from whom you can get the Structural Funds.

The PAED is responsible for some activities co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The fund operates under the program, which aims to improve the competitiveness of the Polish economy. Therefore, the measures shall be taken by supporting the development of enterprises and business environment institutions. The acquired funds may be designed that the entrepreneurs, regardless of company size, could for example. Take advantage of cheaper training courses or even postgraduate courses for their employees. Thanks to this money can be also organized an internship trainings for employees of companies in various research institutions. Thus, most of the grants awarded by the PAED is aid for the SME sector allocated for financing of training services, consulting and information. An important element here is to support investment. Their funding is also made possible by the SOP (Sectoral Operational Program) "Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises".

In each Poland's region operates the Regional Development Agency. The rationale of its creation was the need for an NGO that works to regional development.

Branches of Regional Development Agencies have adopted as their objective to undertake various inspirational activities, while supporting and promoting socio-economic development in the region, of course, taking into account the European standards. The Agency stimulates and supports entrepreneurship, eg. through the implementation of national and European aid programs. Regional Development Agency also has a variety of grants that are available for businesses, and which can be obtained after submitting proposals.

Of course, one can argue how all of these programs are available to all interested and if they are operating effectively. Unfortunately, the government does not help in the SME's development and even inhibits it, by maintaining such high taxes..

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