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Student visa: Documents to prove residency in Poland

KRKGuy2020 1 | 1
5 Sep 2019 #1
A good friend of mine intends to come to Poland to study a Master for one year, she is a non-EU national. I have offered to let her live with me, rent free etc, no monies will be exchanged (I mention this because we won't be doing a contract).

She needs some kind of document to show that this arrangement is valid. I was going to prepare a letter, clearly stating the valid period of time-all in Polish of course and certified by a Notary, that I will take her in.

Do you think this is sufficient?

To me this is not exceptional. I knew of a Polish family that would regularly take students from abroad-linked to some Catholic charity I recall, typically from Africa. Unfortunately I am not in touch with them anymore to see how they handled the administrative side of things.
DominicB - | 2,707
5 Sep 2019 #2

Do you own your residence? If not, there is nothing you can do. If so, then accompany your guest to the UM with a wydruk księgi wieczystej and your DO and tell them to meldować him as your guest. Unless things have changed, it's a simple, no-fuss procedure that takes a couple of minutes, tops.
OP KRKGuy2020 1 | 1
6 Sep 2019 #3
Thank you for your reply. They can't get the visa without the proof of residency, so I cannot accompany them because they won't be in the country until they have the visa.

Any other idea?

I'm thinking they could just apply and arrange to live in the student accommodation, then just leave it after a short time; or not go at all. Breaking the visa rules is more along the lines of not attending classes than deciding to go live somewhere else.

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