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Setting up small business in Poland?

qamdin 1 | 3
3 Feb 2015 #181
I m going to open a small restaurant or bistro anyone willing to partner , plz contact.

Only serious ones only.

JollyRomek 7 | 461
3 Feb 2015 #182
Let me tell you if its really all that you want ? you can do it ! You will find every piece of information regarding registration of business in Poland.

You are right. It is not difficult to set up a business in Poland.

In fact, setting up the business is probably the easiest part and as you have mentioned correctly, anyone can do it.

But when people say "it is very difficult", they don't necessarily mean the actual set up / registration of the business. They mean making the new business a success. I have not been a member of this forum for too long but in this short period of time I have read many posts from "dreamers" about opening kebab shops, bars, restaurants, hostels, kiosks, etc. etc. etc. and they believe that it will be successful.

I have said this a few times now. Poland, when you come here on holiday and Poland when you actually have to earn a living are two different things Now I have to read this :

I am planning to start a small take-out/kiosk in Warsaw. I will be visiting there in a few weeks to conduct further research. I am curious, how difficult is it to find a small location(6x4m2) to practice such a business?

Where does the "plan" to open a small kiosk in Warsaw come from, if the location is not yet even known? I would have assumed that the idea of opening a kiosk would be born by knowing the location and the feeling that a kiosk is exactly what is missing at that location. Not the other way around.

So yes, if you want to set up a business, go ahead, it is easy, anyone can do it. But that still does not mean that you will earn one single grosz from it.
Iamcloud 1 | 4
3 Feb 2015 #183
Thank you for your reply.

The strength of our business is the product that we will be offering not necessarily the location. Its a successful concept that we want to expand.

This is the law forum and my question is in regards to the legal matter because I couldn't find any information on this online.

Here in Holland the locations are pre-determined by the government in what type of establishment is allowed to situate in x location.
Specifically for the food industry. For example, you cannot just start a retail store in a space designated for a restaurant or vice versa.

The purpose of my question is I want to perform a desk research before visiting Poland. Knowing the answer to this I can narrow my search finding

potential locations.

Thanks for reading and please any little bit of information will be greatly appreciated.
Roh - | 1
3 Feb 2015 #184
hi...i am trying to open the Asian fusion restaurant @ Warsaw with polish partnership..anybody interested fell freeto drop me massage..thanks.
aamirsalim - | 1
21 May 2015 #185
Restaurant / Grocery Business Start up in Poland

Hi Guys I am citizen from Non EU region and looking for start up a small business in Poland (restaurant / Grocery). But I am still confused as how to move to ensure the permits as well residency for myself and the family.

Can anyone advise as how much investment maybe required to run a successful restaurant or grocery house business?
DominicB - | 2,707
22 May 2015 #186
If you are asking for this kind of business advice from random clowns like me on some anonymous internet forum, it means that you don't have the slightest clue what you are doing and are many years away from being capable of even thinking about opening a business in Poland. If you were serious, you would be asking professionals who are actually qualified to give you realistic advice, and you would already know who those people are or how to find them. Clue: they don't hang out on anonymous internet forums.

Remember: free advice is worth every penny you pay.
muhammad Ali
7 Jul 2015 #187
i want to open sole establishment company in Poland so anybody can tell me the right procedure and how much budget i need to start .

i have my business in Dubai.
Udaya 2 | 10
21 Mar 2017 #188

business registration

Dear everyone,
I would like to register company in Poland and I want some to help of give those link who can support to register company in Poland. It can be cheaper agency.

If you have any idea how much it cost to register then please let me know your experience as a foreigner.
By the way I have resident card in Poland and I am here from 10 years.
Sparks11 - | 333
10 Aug 2017 #190
if it's a dzialnosc gospodarcza, sole trader, paying 900 euro is a total waste. As long as youre eu or american it's basically free to start. go to the ceidg website and register online. go to your local townhall and sign the confirmation you registered, then to zus to confirm again. done. oh, open a business bank account at mbank or millenium (easiest in my opinion) if you still need help with a sole trader i'll help for 600 euro .

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