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Resignation/Cancelling Karta Pobytu - Poland's resident card

26 Apr 2017 #1
Hi Everyone,

Late last year I had decided to join a company in Poland, the contract was starting in January 2017 however the Karta Pobytu was issued in late February, due to change in personal circumstances and after discussion with employer I decided to not start this job and get my resident permit cancelled. My questions are:

1: Since the employment never commenced and I wasn't paid any salary, am I correct that no taxes are due?
2: Aside my employer who do I need to or can inform with regards to the cancellation of residence permit and how to verify that the employer has gone through and informed the relevant authorities(ie do I receive a letter from the relevant department or can I call or confirm somehow)

3: I immediately left poland after my work permit was issued using my visit visa which I also used to enter and leave earlier and I am currently not in Poland however certain elements have worried me that my identity might have been misused there by my employer or relevant personnel, how can I ensure that this hasn't happened since they took a copy of my card when it was issued.
zagadka314 2 | 6
27 Apr 2017 #2
In my experience, the only way to get anything done is to go to the office. They might respond to a phone call or email in Polish if you try to contact them enough times. Report it "lost" and they should cancel the card and you'll be required to go there within a few days. If you don't, you have to do it again, so it would be canceled. That would probably be the easiest way.

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