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Registering sp. zoo with person who is not in Poland

diplomatic24x7 1 | 1
18 May 2017 #1
hello everyone,
i am searching solution for my little problem,
i want register sp. zoo in Poland with two partners.
in that one person is not present in Poland, and he will be in designation Prezes zarząd.
I have information that this is possible but i am not getting way to do it.
anyone here who can help me?
thank you
18 May 2017 #2
It is actually quite easy to do it.
In the same way that you would nominate anyone else as prezes zarzadu.
Just dont forget to nominate an attorney for him!
OP diplomatic24x7 1 | 1
19 May 2017 #3
thanks for your answer, but this person should not be present in front of notariusz ?
polishlawyer - | 6
21 May 2017 #4

No, he don't need to be in front of notariusz. You need only partners resolution and future prezes zarządu statement.

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