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Obtaining National VISA - Poland insurance requirements

Sandeep 1 | 4
9 Jan 2012 #1
Cannot help but, this is the major requirement. It will cost you around 10k or 12k. this is different unlike other European countries wherein once the person reaches that place, an insurance is taken.

OP juli25 5 | 22
9 Jan 2012 #2
Hi Sandeep, thank you for your input.
It sounds frightening...does it mean that we have to pay 5 person x 12K each?

I still can not understand - this costly insurance is the same medical insurance, or is it something else?
love_sunil80 14 | 127
9 Jan 2012 #3
As per my knowledge people who are employed in a company are covered with medical insurance along with his family. When your husband is applies for visa type D it is possible that he gets 3 months visa because once he is in Poland he can apply for residence permit which will be for one year. I would recommend you to speak with the embassy and ask for how long they should take insurance for as husband would be working for company n will have medical insurance from the company.

It is true that insurance has to be taken for all the family members because the day when you all will arrive you wouldnt have insurance because paper work takes some time so it is always better to have insurance to be on safer side.
Sandeep 1 | 4
10 Jan 2012 #4
This is called by various names, most commonly as overseas travel insurance or just travel insurance. This will also cover loss of passport, personal accident, loss of checked baggage, personal liability etc. You can check with the embassy once.

fonfon - | 7
13 Nov 2013 #5
Dear Juli,
Even if the post dates to last year, I don't see an affirmative answer to your question. Since I'm applying myself for a visa to Poland (in the purpose of work), I'm in the same situation with same question : shall I pay for insurance covering all period of stay (which will be min 1 year ) or just the travel period (let's say 1 month or 2 before I will be covered by insurance from my company). Thanks in advance.

OP juli25 5 | 22
13 Nov 2013 #6
Hi Fonfon,
i can tell you that finally we didnt buy any additional insurance... my husband just presented the evidence of medical insurance provided by his company (Luxmed), and nobody told us a word...

In general, now when I understand a bit more about how things work here, I can tell you the following: when you start working in Poland (and pay taxes), you will be automatically insured and will be eligible for medical help like any other citizen (the same applies to your family members, i.e. wife, children). But in case you dont start your employment contract immediately on the date of your arrival, then it makes sense to arrange travel insurance for the period before the employment starts, so you have coverage (if anything happens during that period, God forbid).

Please note that private medical insurance (which is often offered by employers) such as Luxmed, Medicover, etc... is not an ultimate solution, because they would rather provide you outpatient service, but can not offer the same medical assistance as a real hospital (for example, if you need a serious surgery). Therefore you'd better arrange a private insurance, until you are eligible for the National insurance coverage.
fonfon - | 7
14 Nov 2013 #7
Dear Julie,
Thank you very much for your reply , I really appreciated.
Today I was contacted by the HR from my future company, and he directed me to take an insurance for 1 whole year just to be safe with the visa being issued for that long , even if I will be covered after that by insurance from company (they seem to be ready to pay me back the expenses so I will follow their direction to avoid any problematic situation ).

On the other hand it is true that my employer will offer most probably insurance with Medicover, so I will follow your advice regarding this kind of limited insurance to have a private one.

Again, thanks for your kind reply .
All the best ,
kush86g - | 1
23 Apr 2018 #8

Poland's National Visa: The Experience letter?

I have query on National Visa - D about the required document, it is mentioned to provide the Experience letter.

I have all the experience letters, except from my current one, as I am in notice period, no experience letter issued yet - what should I do for it ??

Do I need to put the cover letter as well, as its not mentioned as the required docs ?
Aquarian - | 21
23 Apr 2018 #9
My suggestion would be attach cover letter and current working letter from employer

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