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Moving to Poland from Canada - documentation questions

deyna188 1 | 1
14 May 2017 #1
Hey there,

I am planning on moving to Poland next year - 1 way ticket, not sure how long I will stay.

I was born in Poland, but pretty much spent the majority of my life in Canada. Graduated, made some money - and would like to live in Poland for a bit.

I don't really plan to work there - have enough passive income to live decently.

My questions are more related to documentation needed. I have a Canadian passport, probably need to get a Polish one. What about PESEL? do I need that for sure? What about opening a bank account in Poland? anyone know about wiring money from Canadian bank to Polish? Driving (how long can I use my Canadian driver's licence?)

Thanks for any help.
Iza22 4 | 13
15 May 2017 #2
You will need a PESEL if you want to get a polish passport.
I don't know how it is from Canada but in Australia a return ticket costs the same (even cheaper) than a one way ticket. Why not get one just in case? You can always not board. Will you want to confirm your Polish citizenship? If so, you may need a few documents depending on how far your lineage links you back to Poland is. If you want to use your degree you may need to legalise it. If you want to use your license I recommend applying for an international drivers licence. I'm not sure about wiring money, I want to know this too.
OP deyna188 1 | 1
16 May 2017 #3
Thanks for the info Iza :)
I was born in Poland, but left around 4 years old - I should be able to work out everything PESEL and passport wise through my local consulate.

You are probably right about the ticket. International drivers licence? I didn't even know such a thing existed....I feel like such a noob :)

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