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Marriage in Poland without a residence permit?

rana112 1 | 1
1 Mar 2011 #1
hallo, my name is pardeep, i live with my wife in warsaw,poland, i want to marry in poland with her but i have 1 problem i have no residence permit in poland but i have another all documents, please help me without residence permit how to marry her???????????
1 Mar 2011 #2
i live with my wife in warsaw,poland, i want to marry in poland with her

If you already have a wife, you can't get married.
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
1 Mar 2011 #4
I think he means he married his wife elsewhere and now wants to marry her in Poland too. A friend of mine married her husband in the US (where she has lived for many years) and about a year later married her husband again in Sweden where's she's from originally.
OP rana112 1 | 1
2 Mar 2011 #5
which docoments i want to marry in poland but i have no residence permission in poland, please help me

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i have no residence permit in poland

hallo, anybody my help me please, without residence permit possible to marriage in poland
Midas 1 | 571
4 Mar 2011 #6
Being from, I'm guessing here, either India or Pakistan in Poland ( which happens to be a part of EU ) without proper permits can and should result in your deportation, the costs of which are incurred, if I correctly remember, by anyone who helped you enter/stay in the country.

In plain English - leave the country, obtain "proper permits" and then get married without the hassle.
hansomreiste 3 | 24
2 Apr 2012 #7
[Moved from]: Marriage & Work and Residence Permit in Poland


I have been in a relationship with a Polish girl for almost a year and soon we are planning to get married even though we are at a young age. The reason for this, is to get work and residence permit in the territory of Republic of Poland but as far as I know, even getting married to a Pole is not enough to do this.

Well, what would/could you recommend me to do? I am student, and I just want to keep having education in a university in Poland. But don't know how to come there, as they don't want me because I am not "rich". I need work permit because I can't make enough money to get on if I can't work. I want to have everything legally.
smurf 39 | 1,981
2 Apr 2012 #8

..... don't marry her just for that reason, it'll all end in tears.
hansomreiste 3 | 24
2 Apr 2012 #9
I know it is very risky and it may end very bad... But I am seriously in love and we can't wait for each other in different countries for 6 years. Moreover, I can't say, "Poland doesn't want me so we need to break up."

I want to take that risk. But I don't even have that chance. I don't know what to do.

Ooops, by the way I am so sorry for having this thread in News & Politics section. As I am new, I wasn't aware of it. I'd be glad if this is moved to the correct section.
Muhammad Tahir
13 Sep 2012 #10
Please give me information about marry,I have not legal status in polnad and I want marry in poland ,my girlfriend is also from poland,please help give me better way for marry
hudsonhicks 21 | 346
14 Sep 2012 #11
I suspect Rana has the United Kingdom deeply ingrained in his mind.
14 Sep 2012 #12
Poland is a great place for Indians and Pakistanis to live and settle. Please come to Poland you will love it.
Amanbill - | 1
13 Jun 2016 #13
(moved from)
Hi im Indian i have Polish girlfriend and we plan to get married we are in Poland now but problem i m illegal here so tell but we have to do to get married here in Poland

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