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Legal Question-child support Poland

samba 1 | -
19 Jul 2012 #1
Hi, I am a US citizen traveling to Poland for work and have a question about Child Support. I have a child who is Polish and resides in Poland. I pay child support through the American court system (as decided by the mother who resides in Poland and is Polish, my point being, she wanted to go through the American courts for support). She then started an extra support case against me in Poland which I was not present at to defend myself and got she granted an huge order which she then tried to register through America. They told her no as an order was already in place and was being respected. She then started yet another case in Poland in a different district which I also could not be present at and received another large judgement, making 2 large judgments in 2 different areas of Poland.

My question is this, if I go to Poland will I be arrested for non-payment of support even though I am current and always pay the valid order from the US?

19 Jul 2012 #2
While you should probably check with a lawyer, I can certainly tell you that one Pole I know hasn't paid anything at all in the way of child support for two years and has drawn no interest at from the Polish court.
Ant63 13 | 410
19 Jul 2012 #3
Yes but then he's a foreigner Harry. Different ball game judging by the parking tickets I get in private car parks :-)

If I was you I'd check very thoroughly
19 Jul 2012 #4
^ You may well have a point. I certainly get stopped a lot less in Polish registered cars than I did in a UK plated one.
beckski 12 | 1,617
20 Jul 2012 #5
Once he or she starts paying child support, will interest or penalties be added to the outstanding balance owed?

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