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Poland's Karta Pobytu (Residence card) Rejection

ImHarrykrish 4 | 12
9 Sep 2017 #1
As a foreigner in Poland, I applied for my karta pobytu (before my old card expired). I received the first letter which said i need to submit the missing documents in the next 7 days. My mistake that i submitted couple of my remaining documents only after few months. Due to this, my application cannot be processed further (Not a negative decision) Since my old card already expired, my stay in Poland has now become illegal. In order to apply once again, my status needs to be legal.

So my inspector asked me to go back to my country asap, get a visa, come back here legally and apply for my next karta pobytu. Since i graduated recently, will i get a direct job search visa if i apply in my country? and How long should i wait in my country before applying for a visa again?

Can i apply schengen tourist/job search visa through German consulate? because Polish embassy is more than 1300 kms away from my home, whereas German consulate is next door to my home.

Thank you in advance!
Crow 160 | 9,214
10 Sep 2017 #2
Can i apply schengen tourist/job search visa through German consulate?

No, don`t do that via German consulate. It can ruin your chances. See, Poles are allergic on everything what coming via Germany.

After all, what is 1300 km for somebody who seeks.

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