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NEED HELP for opening Wine distribution business in Poland

Gane 1 | 1
28 Jan 2013 #1
I would like to open a "Wine distribution business " in Warszawa with imported wines from Makedonija . Since I am new here and I know nothing about rules and regulations of dealing/distributing/selling imported stuff especialy from country which is non-EU, does anybody knows where to obtain these informations and from other hand how to get in touch with potential clients . Any ideas,suggestions are welcome . Thanks a lot .
golas - | 21
28 Jan 2013 #2

Alcohol import and distribution in Poland is strictly regulated.

I am importing Brandy from non-EU country.

I am based in Warsaw. It would be the best to meet and discuss.

In the meanwhile please send me your questions.

9 Jul 2013 #3
we have wines exclusivity for the best brands from Argentina, already custom cleared within Europe and we make big volumes that makes cheaper for you!

matias.gerino@wof-italy world-of-flavours

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