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joepilsudski 26 | 1,391    
22 Mar 2011  #31
i am searching for help..for ex for information how to make this, suppliers, cook..

I tell you this: Make sure the tandoor oven is working, make sure the chapati is crisp, and the poori soft & tender...
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535    
22 Mar 2011  #32
Ireland is the promised land :-)

I respect Indians and have many friends, including ones of muslim or hindu or sikh dynasty. Also Kashmir friends. So no disrespect there ... but you seem to be OK with everyone other than the Poles! While you yourself accept that it is because of us Poles that today you are a rich man!
Ireland4ever - | 44    
22 Mar 2011  #33
Ireland is the promised land :-)

Ireland has alot of Indian restaurants. Alot go out of business as most Irish don t like spicy food.

Poles love diversity and different cuisines and you should do well there. They also have a hunger for greater multi culturalism and other races living in their country with many Asians increasingly living there

I'll PM you bud with info about settling etc in Poland!
Midas 1 | 571    
22 Mar 2011  #34
I'm sure Ireland could really use another Indian restaurant and a small legion of Indians necessary to operate it.

And Irish people love multiculturalism and foreign cuisines. Besides - they pay in euro and the cheap Polish pay in worthless zloty.

By all means, forget Poland and head for Ireland will all your relatives and family.
16 Apr 2011  #35
Dear Mr Amin,

Can I have your new mobile number please ?



Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535    
16 Apr 2011  #36
Besides - they pay in euro and the cheap Polish pay in worthless zloty.

Oh yeah? ... and this man have his wife as Polish ... I guess the few zloty was OK when it came to wife selection eh?
21 Apr 2011  #37
hii sir how r u?? i live in india.. n i wanna start a restaurant in poland could u help me??? n i have a bussiness partner we also apply our bussiness visa for this country?? give me any suggestion???
2 May 2011  #38
hii DZIEN DOBRY i also appling visa 4 poland i wish 2 open indian restaurant there i m looking 4 help... could u help me 4 thz workk???i m wating
granit77 - | 3    
2 May 2011  #39
hi any one ,if u want to run indian restorent then one my friend have good restorent as he moving to austriala he want to sell this restorent ,running ,very good one .
22 Nov 2011  #40
Sury, can you drop me a note on suneetpandey@gmail. I'd be grateful! I would like to get back to you.

Is it already sold? Please drop me a note on suneetpandey@gmail. Thanks.
Suneet - | 1    
22 Nov 2011  #41
I could help you Mandy. Feel free to contact me.

Are you still with this offer? I can really use some help!

Hi i can help as i have one in Poland.

I will be grateful if you could share some info. with me. You can give me your email id or drop me a note on suneetpandey@gmail. Thanks!
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431    
22 Nov 2011  #42
information how to make this,supliers,cook..i

Please if you open a restaurant or catering business do make sure you make the right investments in professional fridges,proper tools ,anti bacteria products and focuss on hygiene , cleanliness, keeping the food fresh i remember there was a terrible story with a French restaurant in Krakow called la Fontaine which was highly ranked and successful before a dozen of visiting Sweedish doctors caught food poisoning and salmonella and all ended up at the hospital.

I also got have friends who got sick over the Summer eating some street food /kebabs served by vendors who touch food and handle money at the same time.
bobbysingh 1 | 16    
  14 May 2012  #43
[Moved from]: Setting up an Indian vegetarian (and or vegan) restaurant in Warsaw


I am an Indian vegetarian cook and have a strong experience in vegetarian / vegan restaurant management. I would like to start one such restaurant in Warsaw. Any one interested to partner on this venture? Please send me an email bobbysingh61573 @ gmail

Thanks and all the best
andouille - | 3    
12 Jun 2012  #44
I'm curious as to how your business venture is coming along here in Poland...

Please check out my thread under...

Offering free labor to a local restaurant in Warsaw...

I'm really looking to build up me resume, and could be valuable to you.

27 Jun 2012  #45
I am Firdos Alam , I have done advance diploma in in polish language, in 2008 I was in Warszawa, now I am living in Delhi.

thanks & regards,
firdos_du at
7 Aug 2013  #46
Shortly i am coming to Rzeszow i may help you a lot i hope
28 Oct 2013  #47
hi!dear friend!if you want open indian restaurant in poland never open in small town only big city or others country
30 Nov 2013  #48
hi i am indain and tandoor cook new delhi indaia my no 9990267972
19 Dec 2013  #49
i am from Gdansk.
i open there restaurant 2010.
successful restaurant.
i bought tandoori oven from UK.
telephone number
0044(0) 7941841414

ask please for Olympic tandoori oven.
i hard use three years and i am happy.
oven work perfect.
meeka2440 - | 1    
24 Jun 2014  #50
hi sir i need a job i am cook in tandoor and curry may experianc 10 year need a job may mobil +380958027362 and +380938231128 i work a russia ukraine latvia
Arjun bhandari    
14 Feb 2015  #51
i want to jobs in there im from nepal but now im doha Qatar im working here last email id 2011arjunbhandari@gmail
16 Mar 2015  #52
Dear Friends,
I am Thahir from Dubai... basically I am an Indian and willing to move to Europe.. Poland is my choice so please let me know about business opportunities like garments and restaurants.
pigsy 7 | 306    :-(
17 Mar 2015  #53
Tons of Indian restaurants in Warsaw at least but none authentic except one where I was last Friday Mr India in Natolin very nice.If you open an authentic Indian restaurant and not crafting to Polish taste will do good.(for example:like most restaurants here of ethnic background serve salatka which is Polish with some of there dishes)
Marsupial - | 908    
17 Mar 2015  #54
I am getting very hungry!
pigsy 7 | 306    :-(
17 Mar 2015  #55
on topic: Open an restaurant otherwise:)
10 May 2015  #56
hi sir
i am praveen prasad i am looking for the job in indian food

Dear Friends,
I am praveen now working in abu dhabi ,basically I am from India and willing to move to Europe i am already work in Singapore and Russia please Poland is my choice so let me know about business opportunities like restaurants.
18 Jun 2015  #57
Any Indian Chiefs here in Poland? willing to come and work for us?
email us :

ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE IN POLAND NOW, we dont want to go thru visas etc if you are abroad.
24 Jul 2015  #58
Hi my name Karishma I am luking for job in Ireland or Poland or any other place if anyone cane help me plz my mail id Dsouza.karishma@yahoo my no 00972542679461 thank u guys
ravindra singh    
27 Jan 2016  #59
hi sir im looking job for indian kitchen i have 10year exp i m working naw in bahrain i m from india pls hlp me

my mail id ravindrakunwar88@gmail my mubail no 0097339366760
best regurds
22 May 2016  #60
I need a help to open a restaurant in Poland

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