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How the hell this Poland's ZUS is calculated?

iwilldoit 3 | 7
1 Jun 2012 #1
Can someone please tell me who ZUS is calculated. the bases, the personal allowances.

And income tax for an individual who is working full time.

I give you an example how you can explain it to me.

UK tax year 6 April to 5 April (following year)
Yearly personal allowance: £7475 (monthly=£622.92); this means that if yearly you earn below £7475 you pay no tax. but above that you pay only the difference and its calculated (7476-7475)*20%

National Insurance:
if you earn more than £146 a week and up to £817 a week, you pay 12 per cent of the amount you earn between £146 and £817.

I know many of you here work in Poland! So can I get a brief idea please!!! Thanks
milky 13 | 1,657
1 Jun 2012 #2
I think ZUS is 200 euro a month, no matter what you earn. Not sure if there is even a tax free allowance in Poland.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
1 Jun 2012 #3

ZUS. what u pay.
sa11y 5 | 331
1 Jun 2012 #4
Milky - this is only one of the options (your value is overestimated anyway, but close enough). This is for people who act as a company.

You can use below and choose various options to calculate nett salary.

Poland salary calculator:,91738.html
terri 1 | 1,663
2 Jun 2012 #5
Complications arise as you have to know what type of contract you have.
I believe personal allowance (koszty uzyskania przychodu) is about 120 PLN per month - you pay on the rest.

I have tried the calculator given above.
Basically, if you earn 10,000 per month (gross) , you get 7,000 take home (net)
Put your gross salary in the calculation and you can get an idea of how much you will pay.

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