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What if a foreigner doesnt want to get retired in Poland ? Retirement money back?

Anatolian 1 | 1
6 Aug 2017 #1
Hi Forum,

I was looking for an answer for my question but couldnt find anywhere. Then i saw your forum and thought that would be great idea to ask in here and start this thread. I am new in forum so if this question was asked before please be so kind to me and share the link.

My question is I am married with Polish woman and working in Poland for full 4 years. In my country ( Turkey ) i have less retirement age which is 60. When i check in Poland it shows me 67. In this case being retired in Turkey is looking far more better than Poland ( also when i see the amounth of the retirement payment in Poland, i can get double of it in Turkey )

What if i dont want to get retired in Poland and want to get this retirement money back which i paid ? I will not give an amounth what i paid but really if i decide to go back to my country for good ( of course with my lovely wife ) What happens to this money which i paid to ZUS ? Can i take this money back somehow before i leave the country or this money stays in there and i cant get even a groszy from it ?
kaprys 3 | 2,286
6 Aug 2017 #2
I don't think you can get the money. Just like when someone dies before retiring.
What you should check instead is if there is a possibility that the money you have paid here may contribute to your pension in Turkey. I think it is possible within the EU. Not sure about Turkey.
7 Aug 2017 #3
I would imagine you would pay a high rate of tax also if you take this money.
jon357 71 | 19,937
7 Aug 2017 #4
They don't give the money back, and I doubt many people from outside the EU who've paid it have both paid enough years to qualify for a pension worth claiming as well as reaching statutory retirement age.

The money paid doubtless covers payments to those unable to pay into the scheme themselves due to poverty or disability.
7 Aug 2017 #5
There are two types of pensions employment based where you pay from your wages and your employer pays usually the same a out. You can cash out and pay tax on the sum invested.

The other is state pension where you contribute to by paying your tax, In Ireland you qualify if you work paid employment for 10 years for low rate, to 30 years for the high rate. If you are talking about transfering this then it's not possible. State pension is only paid for residents of the state.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
7 Aug 2017 #6
State pension is only paid for residents of the state.

Untrue. Poland pays out from the very first contribution, regardless of where the person is resident. If you work 10 years in Poland, then you'll get a pension based on those contributions (which depends according to the amount contributed, rather than a fixed rate amount).

The difference is that in EU countries (and with other ones where Poland has signed an agreement), you can transfer the contributions. For instance, if you have contributed 100,000zł in PL, you can transfer that to another system as long as Poland has an agreement with that system.
OP Anatolian 1 | 1
7 Aug 2017 #7
Unfortunately Turkey doesnt have this agreement. Turkey has only with a few countries in EU which there are high Turkish population such as Germany, Belgium, Holland. So this money paid by my company where i am working now for sure i can forget that and wait for my 67 years to claim to get retirement payment monthly. But also does it matter how much i contribute or it doesnt matter when i will be 67 ?
8 Aug 2017 #8
As delphiandomine noted, you need a minimum period of contributions (10 years) before you get any state pension.
el_easy 2 | 54
9 Aug 2017 #9
If you work 10 years in Poland, then you'll get a pension based on those contributions

Interesting topics, guys I'm working in Poland 4 years too,
do you know if Poland has agreement with USA to transfer
pension after 10 years working in Poland? Thanks
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
9 Aug 2017 #10
There's no 10 year limit, I only used that as an example. Poland pays out pensions from the first contribution, and yes, there are people receiving less than 1zł monthly in pensions.

It's all explained nicely here:

And yes, contributions made in Poland contribute towards a US pension and vice-versa.
frankcow - | 5
11 Oct 2017 #11
Hey guys, just stumbled into this interesting topic, which became very relevant to me now because I am moving to Switzerland soon. Some of you mentioned that it is possible to transfer your ZUS contribution to another EU state (I assume Switzerland counts cuz it is EFTA), but what are the procedures? Can anyone please advise?
DominicB - | 2,709
11 Oct 2017 #12
Yes, Switzerland is included in the agreement. You'll have to ask at your ZUS office about the procedure.
frankcow - | 5
12 Oct 2017 #13
Thanks, but my colleague called ZUS and was told there is no way to transfer the benefits, even if I were I am really confused...
DominicB - | 2,709
12 Oct 2017 #14
Then that person at ZUS was mistaken:

Here is the applicable law in English:

and in Polish:
frankcow - | 5
12 Oct 2017 #15
You are absolutely right. Have you had any experience on this matter? Do you know the procedures, maybe?

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