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If I leave Poland and return to my home country, is it possible to claim back tax paid?

mephias 10 | 296
6 Feb 2012 #1
I am working in Poland for more than 2.5 years and currently considering to move back to my home country. Are there any possibility to get anything back from tax and social security (retirement etc) deductions paid from my salary ? If yes Do you know any company that I can get professional help ?
3 Sep 2014 #2
any one knows about it. i am in similar situation.
3 Sep 2014 #3
All depends on which country your from Google dual taxation agreement plus your country and it will show the policy
3 Sep 2014 #4
My country do not have any agreement with Poland.

Does that mean that i will lose all money that i paid to Zus?
bharat_460 1 | 2
26 Dec 2014 #5
Merged: Re: Tax claim for Postdoctoral Salary


I would like to know whether the tax deducted from postdoctoral salary in Poland can be claimed back or not ?

hakuchha 3 | 27
26 Dec 2014 #6
once gone, its GONE. forget about getting anything back. Your social security pension is also gone if you are not staying in POLAND till you start losing you teeth.
kumar6187 - | 1
8 Jun 2017 #7

Pension Contribution in poland

i am from india. I am going to be work in poland with 2 years employment contract. In my salary structure, the pension contribution has been deducted from my gross salary. Kindly do let me know the deducted pension contribution amount will be returned back once my employment contract ends after 2 years?
terri 1 | 1,663
9 Jun 2017 #9
If you have paid any contribution to ZUS, you may be entitled to claim old age pension based on your contribution when you reach state pension age applicable in Poland. They are currently discussing whether you have had to pay in for 5 years before any pension may be payable, but in all events it is worth keeping all your paperwork relating to the amounts paid. Just in case you decide to claim your old age pension from Poland.
Harry84 2 | 81
11 Jun 2017 #10
There will be no law to get return back ZUS or tax amount if person moving out from poland ?
Not even for if person moving to germany as well ?

terri 1 | 1,663
11 Jun 2017 #11
You cannot get back the ZUS contributions. The only way is to claim old age pension when you reach pension age which will be 65 for a man after October 2017.

You cannot ever get a tax refund. Tax is paid on the money you earned whilst employed in Poland.
delphiandomine 87 | 18,070
12 Jun 2017 #12
Not even for if person moving to germany as well ?

You can transfer them to Germany, other EU countries and quite a few other countries too. You won't get a cash refund, but you'll be able to contribute to a probably more stable German system.
terri 1 | 1,663
12 Jun 2017 #13
Whilst I understand that you can 'add' the contribution paid in Poland to any contribution you may pay in Germany, this of course means that you have to work in Germany for the time necessary to be counted towards an old age pension and contribute there as well. You would then be able to receive your 'state pension' at the applicable age in Germany.
frankcow - | 5
11 Oct 2017 #14

Hi, do you know how I can transfer the contribution to Germany or another EU state? What are the procedures/formalities? Thank you.
Ready4 1 | 6
11 Oct 2017 #15
Try to get in touch with ZUS
frankcow - | 5
12 Oct 2017 #16
Actually, my colleague helped me to call ZUS and we were told that there is no way to transfer the benefits, even if I were I am really confused....Has anyone succeeded in the transfer, by any chance?
Atch 20 | 4,153
12 Oct 2017 #17
Well I just took a look at the Polish government's website and the section about having ZUS contributions credited in another country for retirement purposes and as I expected it says that you can do so. Basically the way it works is that under EU law you can count time spent working in any EU country towards your pension. I'm afraid people in government offices the world over often don't know things and they either don't realise that they don't know, or they don't want to admit that they don't know so they just say 'no'.

The European Commission provides a free advice service which will give you details of your rights and entitlements regarding this. You can contact them at:

Freephone 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11

from anywhere in the EU
weekdays 09:00 - 18:00 CET
in any official EU language

or you can email them and they will answer you within three working days:
Moonlight2018 - | 3
23 Oct 2018 #18

Please have a look at the below data, it would answer all the queries. (Please enable google translator on you browser. )
1. Poland - Retirement pensions (Summery ) >>

2. Video explaining the situations..Pls go through all the videos..

3. Determining entitlement to benefits >>>


5. Pension calculator . >>

6. Proceedings for granting benefits :- Check what you should do when you intend to apply for ZUS benefits or when you need to document periods that affect the granting of the benefit and calculation of the amount.

Have a nice day ! While opening the above url please please copy paste and do not try opening by clicking them.
terri 1 | 1,663
23 Oct 2018 #19
One thing to note is that if you are not an EU resident and live outside of the EU and will live there when your retirement age comes, your country may not have an agreement with the EU to claim any pension from an EU country. In that case, you will have to submit a claim in Poland if you have worked in Poland.
4 Feb 2019 #20

Salary Employment Contract in Poland - only NET income indicated


I got a quick question. what are the pros/cons if monthly NET income is only indicated in the contract instead of Gross. my contract is currently on net basis, wondering if there won't be any tax return once settled.

Best regards,

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