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How to find a Poland-located company's registered address?

Appreciate4Life 5 | 7
16 May 2013 #1
If I want to check where a company (self-employed) has it's registered address, how do I do that?

Can I find this information online, and how much up to date would this information be?

What other information can I find about a self-employed person? And on what sites can I find this info?
Lenka 3 | 2,864
16 May 2013 #2
You can check it in KRS although I don't know if any informations are available online.
FilipPZC - | 9
28 May 2013 #3
It is generally not possible. Sole traders' data are not public.
However you can always try go to VIES database and check with the VAT number and if the sole trader has been registered with EU-VAT you will be able to see the address.
jon357 71 | 21,086
28 May 2013 #4
It is generally not possible.

Companies are registered at the KRS.

If it's a sole trader and they have debts, it would show online on the KRD.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
28 May 2013 #5
Sole traders' data are not public.

Oh dear. And you're trying to solicit for business?

Sole trader database.

Related: I need to find the Polish company's registration details and its existence.

Iam setting up an business with a Polish company in Warsaw, before signing the contract i would like to research more about the company's history,existence and status details!!

Can anyone help me to find it pls??
Have only short time to do it!!!!:(((


D&B Poland Sp. z o.o.

ul. Jana Olbrachta 94,
01-102 Warszawa, Poland

T: +48 22 533 24 00
F: +48 22 533 24 24
24 Nov 2016 #6
Ustuei transport
Poland 34

I am after an email address for this company please
Looker - | 1,122
24 Nov 2016 #7
Kobyliński Zbigniew Usługi Transportowe
tel. 29 717 03 33
ul. Mazowiecka 18
06-200 Maków Mazowiecki
woj. mazowieckie

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