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Where to Find a household storage company in Krakow? Help

27 Jul 2008 /  #1
Does anyone know where I can find a storage company in Krakow ( in or near Podgorze area) because i need to store some household equipment ?

I bought them in May from the store Max Fliz because my flat was supposed to be ready end of June but they cannot keep the stuff for more than a month .

I would greatly appreciate any address of a storage company because i don't know what to do with the stuff ?
27 Jul 2008 /  #2
Here is something...
27 Jul 2008 /  #4
How much stuff is there? I can rent you a cellar of about 8m2 in the centre of town... PM me if you're interested.
OP LwowskaKrakow  
28 Jul 2008 /  #5
Thanks inkrakow that could be an option.

There is not much really : a bath,a sink, taps, a glass protection for the bath and a few small things from what I can see on my Max Fliz invoice .

8M2 would definitely be big enough but i don't really know the exact volume until I go to the store on the 16th -17th of August.

how do I PM you? On PF?
Under your profile it is written that you prefer not to be contacted by private email.
Thank you.
28 Jul 2008 /  #6
how do I PM you?

Click that letter thing next to "Member".
23 Apr 2010 /  #7
Apr 23, 10, 17:38 - Thread attached on merging:
Looking for temporary storage in Krakow

Hi all,

I am looking for a company that offers temporary secured storage for furniture, clothing in Krakow.
The thing is I have to move out of my appartment by the end of next week so I am looking for a place that offers storage for a week/month...

I know that there are similar companies abroad but I was wondering if this also exists in the Krakow area.

Thanks in advance!

7 Mar 2012 /  #8
Did anyone ever find something like this? I have contacted several places, I even visisted euromax, it's a big dusty warehouse with no separate, secure space for your belongings. I replied to several gumtree adds for apt with piwnica, and offered to rent the cellar to store my things. They won't even respond lol (polish or english) What a crazy foreigner, right? STORE YOUR BELONGINGS?? LOL

I did a quick google search of storage facilities in my home town (population 50k) there were NINE
29 Dec 2014 /  #9
Merged: Self Storage in Krakow?

Hi everyone;

Does anybody have experience with a self storage facility in Krakow? I managed to google a couple but I'm looking for someone who's had hands on experience so to vouch for their reliability.

I'm just looking to store some personal stuff (1 square meter should be enough), no furniture.

There's not much online for any of the services I googled.

Experiences appreciated!

Thanks :)

Merged: Self storage facility in Krakow?

Can anybody recommend a self storage facility in Krakow he/she had experience with? I need to storage some personal stuff (a few backpacks) for a few months. Trustworthy facility, fair price etc.. thanks.
11 Mar 2015 /  #10

I see lots of thread with a similar question but no answers that help. Can someone please tell me if they found something, anything? Or someone who is willing to rent out some storage space in their home.. please respond to this thread. Thank you in advance, and wishing any future needy person luck as well!

11 Mar 2015 /  #11
There is a storage company in Kraków - it offers space of various sizes: 0,5 / 1 / 3 / 9 / 15 square meters for the period from 7 days to 12 months.
The locations: Kliny, Prokocim and Bronowice. Anyway, here is the website and prices:

At the PKP (train) station in Kraków are available luggage lockers. Prices for one item is from 5 zl / a day (it depends on its size).

Some hostels also offers such lockers - eg. Aston Hostel.

You can even rent a hall or a warehouse in Kraków, check here:
25 Jul 2017 /  #12
Hi. I have a storage to rent 1,2km2 in central Poland. We can organize transport directly from the customer straight to the storage. Full transport and distribution. If you are interested please contact with Sabina. My e-mail is or call me 07856402707.
1 Sep 2018 /  #13

Self storage in Krakow

I am moving out of my rental and need to store some stuff. Does anyone know of a good self storage place in Krakow?
3 Sep 2018 /  #14
I used and they were fine. You can contact them by phone, I worked with Wilhelm, he speaks English. Prices are fair.
11 Dec 2018 /  #15
I recently moved into Less Mess Storage - where they have a great new self-storage place on the Krakow ring road just south of the airport. A very helpful and friendly manager - recommended.
11 Dec 2018 /  #16

Useless when they don't quote prices.

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