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How much is the fee for a divorce lawyer in Poland?

17 Aug 2015 #1
could anyone tell me please how much is normally fee for divorce lawyer in poland including vat etc and also how much does it cost for filing for divorce and for translation documentation from english to polish and from polish to english?
kubust - | 4
17 Aug 2015 #2
Of course the divorce cases are very diferrent. Without point who is quilty it should start from about 2000 PLN. Good attorney in big city in Poland - it could be about 8000-10000 PLN + of course court fees.
28 Oct 2015 #3
[Moved from]: Trojmiasto lawyer needed

Anyone know a competent family lawyer who speaks decent English?
InPolska 11 | 1,821
28 Oct 2015 #4
If your country has a consulate in area, do contact them and they'll give you a list of lawyers, speaking English (or whatever language needed).
Lee123 - | 2
7 Feb 2016 #5
Merged: Any good Family or Divorce Lawyers in Poznan?

Hi Guys

Could anyone tell me please if I can find any good Family or Divorce Lawyers in Poznan. Also, any idea about solicitor fee, court costs and how much is total they will charge for divorce (no kids, bank balance and property involved).


terri 1 | 1,665
8 Feb 2016 #6
There must be thousands of lawyers.....go into the office of a first one you see and ask. Then into the office of the next one and ask.

From my view anything between 5,000 pln to 10,000 pln (and that's if you're very lucky).
treeman 3 | 6
26 Apr 2016 #7
Merged: Can anyone recommend a good divorce lawyer?

Can anyone recommend a good divorce lawyer?

I am from the united states. My girlfriend lives in Poland with her son. She has been legally separated from her husband for around five years. The husband will not give her a divorce or give up legal rights for his son to leave Poland, but he has no interest in his son and has been in a relationship with other people. He has not seen his son for around five years. In the past, he has beaten my girlfriend and continues to threaten her and the son. He also suffers from schizophrenia and can be very dangerous. My question is, how can she get a divorce so we can move on with our lives? can she get a divorce in another country? we do not plan to live in Poland, but may live somewhere else in the EU, or the United States. The marriage was in Lubin Poland, But, now my girlfriend lives in Warsaw Poland.

Can anyone recommend a good divorce lawyer?
Thank you
porky pok 2 | 127
26 Apr 2016 #8

hope that helps:)
jump32 - | 3
28 Apr 2016 #9
Try to call this lawyer he can help you . He stays close to Lublin. English speaking.


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