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How to verify a lawyer is qualified in Poland

11 Apr 2018 /  #1
If I have the name of a Kancelaria Adwokacka is there a goverment website I can use to check they are qualified/legit ?
I tried to navigate the website but did not have much look figuring things out..
11 Apr 2018 /  #2
Maybe check there: - put a lawyer's name in the search box.
OP lonpol  
11 Apr 2018 /  #3
So one of the guys we called is in the list "requesting entry". Not sure what that means but it does not sound good.
OP lonpol  
12 Apr 2018 /  #4
Whats the difference between a "Kancelaria Adwokacka" and a "Radcy Prawnego" ?

From what I can tell the KA are not on this list but the RP are.

From looking at a lot of their websites offering services, the RP seem a level above the KA with expensive websites and expensive fees. I am wondering if I need a helper in Poland for basic real estate issues ( checking registers, sign documents, general hand holding ) then a KA will do ok

RP Example

KA Example
12 Apr 2018 /  #5
They're roughly the equivalent of barrister and solicitor in the UK but there's less of a distinction in Poland.

You absolutely do not need a solicitor for signing documents etc for a basic house purchase. Total waste of money. You'd be better of coming over to Poland for a week and doing the necessary checks yourself. They're not that complicated and you speak some Polish. Is your wife Polish? Can she not help you?
OP lonpol  
12 Apr 2018 /  #6
Ok thanks.

I want them to check all the stuff in this list
and all the things people have suggested on this website.

I just dont like the idea of me ( cant speak Polish ) or my partner ( can speak Polish ) going out there running around checking stuff that we dont know about, it would cost more from time off work than having someone do it for us, although obviously I still dont want to get ripped off with crazy fees
12 Apr 2018 /  #7
You have to make sure that you know whether it is a private house, or a flat within a building or a community flat (spoldzielnia) and make sure that the seller presents all the bills paid before you take over the property. For gas and electricity you have to agree the readings as you have to present these to the gas/electricity suppliers so they can start billing you. Water readings have to be agreed too.
27 Nov 2018 /  #8
Anyone knows Kancelaria Adwokacka dr Joanna Kosińska-Wiercińska? is it a good one for a family law consultation/case?

and a general question, what is the hourly rate of a good family law expert in a city like Warsaw?

thanks in advance for help :)

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