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Employment forms and ZUS help (contributions as a self employed company in Poland)

Gaucho 2 | 49
23 Aug 2015 #1
Hi guys, yet another ZUS kind of puzzle rant.

I understand that I have to pay ~450PLN for the first two years for my contributions as a self employed company.

Now, I want to know how much I have to pay to have a self employed company on the side if I'm hired with a half time contract (1/2 etat).

Also, what would be the rate I'd have to pay as self employed if I eventually stop having this other contract. Would I pay the preferential rate or the full one?

If there's any English speaking accountant I'd be willing to pay an hourly fee consultation or do some kind of exchange (I'm a Designer who speaks English and Spanish at native level, and very bad Polish :P)
Pol attorney 2 | 106
24 Aug 2015 #2
Well, in this case you would have to pay only health insurance premiums, but this also depends on a few other factors which should be taken into account.

We have a law firm based in Poland (together with Polish-qualified accountants), so I would be able to help you with your case.

if you are interested, you can send me a private message on the forum, and we shall proceed with your case. contact me.
adamm19830 10 | 43
22 Mar 2016 #3
Merged: ZUS - new business owner


I have read that if you open a new business in Poland (self employed business) then you only have to pay "preferential contributions" which is 445zl per month instead of 817zl per month.

Can anyone confirm this?

If this is true, does there become a point where it would change to the normal rate after a few years?

Any info would be good.

SP013 1 | 4
12 Jun 2018 #4

ZUS for own company in Poland


Im planning to register a new company for an online shop. The registration is simple, but I get a little lost with the amount of ZUS i have to pay. Im reading about ZUS discounts etc. Couple of questions:

1. From when I need to start paying ZUS?
2. Is this ZUS to be paid monthly, quarterly or annualy?
3. What should I exactly pay? Important is that I already have a full time job, meaning I already pay some kind of ZUS.

Is there anything else I should think about?
Thank you in advance!

Home / Law / Employment forms and ZUS help (contributions as a self employed company in Poland)
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