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Drunk Drive and Pyschotechnical Test (Kurs reedukacyjny) in Poland

Pegasus 1 | -
31 May 2017 #1
Hi Guys !

I have lost my driving license last year because of DUI , few beers costed me a lot (0.30 mg)

Please dont judge me based on that issue , I am not alcoholic, I am 29 never been in police station all my life , i didnt even have parking ticket, I drink once a month if there is special occasion , I cant drink more than 1/2 beer due my liver problem.

Anyhow after more than a year of suffering,paying fees,courts and etc..finally i had decision that I am eligable to get my license back from Urzad Komunikacji.

Well fun begins after Urzad Kominikacji :) seems as a standart procedure I supposed to pass psychological tests,doctor interview/report etc.And pay something for courses (Kurs reedukacyjny or WOMP) you are calling I assume.

That is all fine , makes sense however I am not fluent polish speaker and my wife called the Kurs reedukacyjny they said that they dont have foreign language classes,it is only in Polish language , tests/classes etc..

Any foreigner or Poles here who have been through ?
I am not big fan of driving cars at all but we have learned my wife is pregnant so I must get license back soon just in case of hospitals visits,emergencies etc.?

I live in Wroclaw any helps more than welcome.
Looker - | 1,134
3 Sep 2017 #2
Don't expect any help from Polish authorities in this case. Maybe ask if you can bring somebody as a translator.
I'm not sure about this kurs but during the exams you are entitled to have a sworn translator:

Persons who do not know the Polish language to understand the rules of the examination and the instructions of the examiner should provide, at their own expense, a sworn translator. He may be present during the theoretical part (but no longer than until the start of the test) and must be present during the practical part of the examination.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
3 Sep 2017 #3
Any foreigner or Poles here who have been through ?

Easy answer: Learn Polish.

I mean, in your profile, you wrote "speaks Polish: yes".

Anyway, if you actually can't speak Polish, then pay for a sworn interpreter to attend the course with you. Should cost you about 150zł/hour.

Home / Law / Drunk Drive and Pyschotechnical Test (Kurs reedukacyjny) in Poland
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