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DERA AGRA Poland scam international trade? Want to know bank account.

aislasil 1 | 1
20 Apr 2016 #1

My name is Javier, from a company in Argentina. We payed USD 5000 for the import of copper ingots in Poland form a company called DERA AGRA SP ZOO, (REGON: 320269450; NIP: 6721992733; KRS: 0000265151) We went to the embassy in Argentina to investigate this company and they told us to make business with them.

We made a transfer for USD 5000 to a bank account of this company (the bank account it´s on the company name) on PKO bank.

Is there any way to know the owner (or titular) of this bank account?

When we talk by phone to the company they yold us that they don´t know anything about this goods and also called the police to not called again.

Scam? Sure, but I want my money back

Thank you
PolishAttorney - | 4
13 May 2016 #2
I don't know why but I cannot send you the attachment - anyway if you need it - write me an email: sylwia and I'll send it from my mailbox

Attached you can find the data of Dera Agra from the link that I sent you a moment ago
OP aislasil 1 | 1
23 May 2016 #3
Thank you, we can not contact them any more.

We are talking with the Polish embassy in Argentina and the Argentinian embassy in Poland, If you have an advice we will be grateful.


Gaucho 2 | 49
24 May 2016 #4
Hi Javier,
I'm from Argentina, living in Southwest Poland. If I can help you in any way let me know.

Here's a link with information about their "CEO" Bartłomiej (Bartek is the common "apodo") Ordanik

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