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What to do after being denied a visa to Poland?

valix 1 | -
23 Jan 2017 #1
Hello everyone,

My Colombian boyfriend was granted a Polish student visa for the year 2014/2015, which is the year he moved to Poland from Colombia, and as far as I understood the visa was extended for the following academic year (2015/2016). This year, however, his application for a renewal was refused and he is waiting to apply for another one as he hopes to find a job first. He believes this would facilitate the process. Now, him being currently an illegal visitor, would any employer hire him and help him get a visa? Is there anything else that can be done to prevent him being deported? :/

I would really, really appreciate any relevant feedback, and I am particularly looking forward to hear from people who have been through similar situations. This is a very delicate situation for both of us and I would like to know if there is anything I can do to help. (p.s. I have both Italian and Polish citizenships).
24 Jan 2017 #2
his application for a renewal was refused

On what grounds? Has he completed his studies? If a decision has been made for his visa to not be renewed, I am presuming there is a good reason as to why this is. If you want people to help, you need to supply more information. Alternatively, search the forum as this type of question is often asked and you might find some answers in other threads.

him being currently an illegal visitor, would any employer hire him and help him get a visa?

I would think it highly unlikely. As you pointed out yourself, he is now staying illegally in Poland. Hiring him is just going to be hassle for an employer ( and possibly illegal considering his status ), and why would they bother when they can hire someone Polish who doesn't need a visa?
chinjurenju - | 1
17 Feb 2017 #3


ma name is chinjusha am frm India,am going to poland for studying ma husband also coming with me by depensdent visa, i gt appointment in embassy on 06/02/2017 & ma hus date is on 13/02/2017 i attend the interview and i request to accept ma husband verification too.they agree and accepted but now ma file rejected they point out the reason that we both didn't come back to india, we decided to gve appeal i have interview on monday or may be in tuesday,pls help me how was the interview their, i want to study their its ma dream.i have some fear to go alone thats y my husband coming with me & do after my course i want to work in india because my families all are settled here.
DominicB - | 2,707
17 Feb 2017 #4

Save your money and forget about the appeal, and about studying in Poland. Your appeal won't be considered unless you can prove that the consul hearing your case acted improperly. He did not, as he had every right to expect that you and your husband would not leave Poland when your visa expires. The fault is yours for not being able to prove otherwise.

Besides, studying in Poland is rarely a good investment for non-EU students. Find a good university in India and study something that will help you get a good job. Something STEM with lots of applied math.

Dreams are for little children. Responsible adults make realistic plans.
Ahadi 1 | 8
23 Feb 2017 #5
why you are like that ????????? Give me reason why you are like that??? everyone want to come to study at poland you feel him down about studying in poland and want him to change his plans and to study in his homeland i think if you have a positive advice for someone you can add it's better i found all your comments in the all posts u feel all the people down to study abroad i think it's not of your business if someone want to study abroad or in Poland !!!!!!!!
Boom Boom
23 Feb 2017 #6
Ahadi he is stating the facts.
10 Apr 2018 #7
I can help you with me

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