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Deadline for Residence Permission Application (karta pobytu) in Poland?

fatihy 3 | 6
28 Apr 2013 #1
I tried to find certain information about deadline however i can find only this pharagraph . "In order to obtain the Temporary Residence Permit, a foreigner must file an application with the consulate (for foreigners already residing in Poland - with the voivod at the foreigner's place of residence) at least 45 days prior to the expiry date of the visa or previous Temporary Residence Permit."

This means 45 working days (9weeks) or 45 calendar days (1,5 month). This difference important for me, i want to be sure about deadline.

31 May 2014 #2
If not stated otherwise 45 days means 45 calendar days.
2 Jun 2014 #3
Don't worry, it's not exactly illegal if you're so late either. I have been late too. Just make sure you don't be soo late. There's a difference.
21 Jun 2015 #4
Merged: Deadline for applying to karta pobytu (residence card) in Poland? 45 days is a must?

Hi everybody, i'm an international student who carries a visa from 27 July to 31 August 2015. I will need to apply for karta pobytu as I got accepted in polish university but the problem is I will only have like a month a couple of days and I've read on some pages that I need to apply 45 days before the expiry of my visa. Will I face problems that will lead to leaving Poland if I applied 32 days days before the expiry of my visa ?? Please I a reply ASAP.

I'm also facing the same problem ! can I apply 30 days before the deadline of my visa ?? or what do you mean by '' Don't be too late'' ??

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