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Cost of importing a car from Germany to Poland?

11 Sep 2014 #1
Hey ,
im planning to buy a car from germany , i'm student here in poland , i wanna know the exact costs for the taxex, fees , etc that i have to pay ,

i'm buying Mercedes-Benz CLS 320 , The price is around 12k euro ( VAT not reclaimable )
Monitor 14 | 1,820
12 Sep 2014 #2
read these articles:

Definitely the cheapest goes to buy directly from the owner . And while he would agree that we can get back to Polish on his own boards , it will be the best option . The only problem is that the Germans are very reluctant to agree to waive sold the car with the arrays. They fear that the tables do not return to Germany , and second, that the new buyer back to the Polish cause an accident and thus expose the seller to the loss of insurance relief . However, if we manage to overcome resistance and Germany will give us a car with arrays , remember that to return to the country we have only three days , so long because it is important to have ( also in Poland ) its insurance.

Another series of paperwork waiting for us already in Poland. Upon getting the car we have a month to complete all official matters . To register a car without any problems , we always have to go to the translator , who pocketed 100-200 zlotys , will prepare the Polish version of the file . In the meantime, we are obliged to pay the excise duty of 3.1 per cent . of the purchase price in case of engine cars up to 2000 cm3, or 18.6 percent . for the other . If you are using a premium car for 50 000 zł , it will be up to 9300 zł . Then we go to the first registration review of the diagnostic station and bring the recycling fee in the amount of PLN 500 . Only after passing this path , we go to the district department of communication , where paying 256 gold get arrays.

Also I've heard that average price of used car in Poland is lower than in Germany, because many of them were repaired after a car accident, what sellers try to hide.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
13 Sep 2014 #3
Also I've heard that average price of used car in Poland is lower than in Germany,

Do please back that absurd and patently untrue claim up Monitor.

Anyway - who would buy a used car from a Pole? I say that simply because:

1. It's an industry here to patch up cars/clock them/ and polish them up on the car market forecourt - then slap silly prices on the windscreen - in the hope that old dziadek will offer 2000 zl less, for what is basically 4,000 overpriced in the first place.

Don't believe me? Just look at the list price for used cars in Germany in the amateur magazines.

2. These cars have been on Polish roads - a big no-no for me.

3. The whole family get involved and generally refuse to shift the price one zloty.

4. Poland has a much lower GDP thsan Germany - so less likely to find a car where the owner simply wants to get rid because the car is rusting in his drive. (As is oft the case in Krautland

Because of the last point I picked up a perfectly good sports Astra in Hamm for 1,100 Euros - exactly the same car (except that it waas ****** by Polish conditions) was sitting on a Myslowice forecourt for 11 thousand zlotys.

Both cars were in the range of 16 (Sixteen) years old.

11 thousand for a 16 year old Astra?

Do me a favour! Lots of laughter. Only in Poland.
jon357 72 | 21,334
13 Sep 2014 #4
Anyway - who would buy a used car from a Pole? I say that simply because:

In Poland, people have consistently told me over the past few years that they dislike the idea for some the reasons you mention but mainly lack of trust in the people who buy and sell them. It's not unusual for a car to passed from relative to relative instead.

That doesn't apply as far as I know to classic cars.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
16 Sep 2014 #5
That doesn't apply as far as I know to classic cars.

Yes Jon - I thought this thread was worth a bump to warn all the foreigners here who were thinking of buying a second -hand car in Poland.

Please don't do it. You'll thank me for it - go and eat some sauerkraut for a couple of days instead.

The import hassle is simple when you know how - of course the trade had always kept it complex so the individual wouldn't " bother" to import - but the power of the internet has put paid to their little game, and now it's a piece of *****. Quite rightly too.

There used to be a phrase "Rip-off Britain" - but Polish car forecourt salesmen take it to a new level. There must be a market, because people clearly buy - but for the life of me I fail to see why.
DedeBR83 - | 2
20 Oct 2014 #6
I'm also a foreigner here in Poland and I was talking to a friend (also a foreigner) about my idea of buying a used car. I told him I have the intention of buying a car in Germany, but I don't want to be pay more than 1100€ for a used car.

He told me then that it is not worth buying a car in Germany for such price due to the cost of registration and other legal stuff in Poland.

what do you guys say? To or not to buy a car in Germany?
smurf 39 | 1,981
20 Oct 2014 #7
To or not to buy a car in Germany?

The import tax depends on the car's fuel type and its age.

I bought a German reg car in Poland and I think I only had to pay around 500zl for the Polish plates and registration.
Then again, if you're spending €1100 on a car then the import tax won't be much, so let's say you spend 1000€ on the car and leave the 100 for the registration/plates and you should be fine
DedeBR83 - | 2
20 Oct 2014 #8
So, assuming I find a car for smth around 1000€, year 1998, diesel, I would pay around 100€ for registration and stuff like that?

Seems so easy, but for some reason, I don't think it'd be like this easy...
Jaky007 3 | 10
15 May 2017 #9

Car purchasing & import from Germany

Hi Guys, I would like to Go Germany to buy a used car BMW 116i or 118d and then bringing it here in Poland, How much Taxes I have to pay for the plates and VAT?!

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