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Poland child support - average support money paid by a spouse?

royrod 1 | 2
29 Jul 2017 #1
Hi everyone.

I was just curious to know what is average child support money that a father need to pay in poland for one child.

kaprys 3 | 2,286
29 Jul 2017 #2
It pretty much depends on his income and the court's ruling.
OP royrod 1 | 2
30 Jul 2017 #3

Spousal support in the event of a divorce in Poland?

Hi everyone.
I would like to know that in the event of a divorce in poland is there spousal support that one has to pay the woman.

22 May 2018 #4

Child maintenance - applying for child support in Poland

I am just looking for some advice.
My ex partner from 13 years ago has been in touch( just before xmas 2017). He has never had anything to do with our daughter and still hasn't met her yet.

He moved over to Poland in January and I am wondering how I go about applying for child support? He hasn't given me anything since our daughter was born.

I am a single working parent to two children, only one is his.
Tlum 11 | 186
22 May 2018 #5
Are you Polish; is he Polish? Where do you currently live? It would require a lawyer, but your nationality or living in or close to Poland would help.

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