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Bank Gold or Silver account in Poland

Yahia 2 | 4
30 Dec 2016 #1
Dear all,
I've been checking online if there is any bank in Poland which would provides accounts to buy and sell precious metals per gram or ounce, but I couldn't find any affirmative answer. I also noticed that the differences between the currency exchange rate are very various from one bank to another or even in the exchange offices.

cms 9 | 1,271
31 Dec 2016 #2
Not that I know of - sellers need to complete some paperwork when bullion or coins are sold in Poland and that probably makes online trading impossible. There are reputable gold dealers in many larger shopping malls or you could also try Tavex in the center of Warsaw.

Note if you are from outside the EU there are also currency reporting requirements which apply to large sums.

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