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Karta Pobytu - Residence Card - Problem with address

BlockeeR 7 | 4
6 Apr 2013 #1
Hello everybody,

I have visa until 30th June, so I have to apply for residence card. I am a student who lives in a flat with another polish students. I have to register my adress but flat owner doesn't want to sign required document. He told me that I have to find another place or student dormitory. But I don't want to live in dormitory. Is there any way to register my adress without problem and get a residence card?
Warszawette - | 128
7 Apr 2013 #2
Hi! The only reason why your landlord does not want to apply for your zameldowanie is because he does want to report his income from the rent you pay in order not to be taxed. However, in order to apply for docs in Poland, a zameldowanie is demanded and therefore, I suggest you ask a friend (= officially you'll live at that friend's) and most probably it is the only way out.

Have a nice week-end!
7 Apr 2013 #3
Here we go,our foreign expert on Polish affairs Warszawette.You just can't fix stupid.Listen,zameldowanie has nothing to do with reporting or not reporting income.There are 2 different offices dealing with this matters.The problem is that it is a true pain in a butt to kick out zameldowany tenant even if he/she stops paying rent.
Warszawette - | 128
7 Apr 2013 #4
lol! Besides insulting people, do you happen to think? It is obvious that a landlord who means to escape tax (most landlords do in Poland) don't want to go to town hall and report as a landlord. Since zameldowanie is demanded in order to apply for residence status in Poland, the only way is for poster to find friend willing to register him at his/her place.

(PS: I happen to rent to tenants in Poland so I know what I'm talking about ;). Do you? I suppose you don't so don't come insulting people as it's a subject you don't know about ;))
OP BlockeeR 7 | 4
7 Apr 2013 #5
Really thanks for your answers. Maybe I did a mistake because everybody applies for a card when they live in dormitory, after receiving a card, they start to live in flats. My gf told me that we can show adress at her(lives with family), but I won't be able to live there. I need a fast solution. Landlord really irritated me. To be honest, I don't want to search a new flat and move. There is no time for this. I have to finish the application procedure in a month.
Monitor 14 | 1,817
7 Apr 2013 #6
"My gf told me that we can show adress at her(lives with family), but I won't be able to live there." - that's not a problem. In such case she will be your "post office box".
Buggsy 8 | 98
7 Apr 2013 #7
In this case Warszawette u're spot on. Most landlords who hide their rental earnings in order to evade taxes will not sign zameldowanie for their tenants.

In most cases landlords will eventually get rid of such tenants coz of the suspicion it might raise. Most landlords in Poland don't like tenants who ask too

many official documents.This has got nothing to do with whether u're a foreigner or not -it is the harsh reality in Poland!
In other cases they prefer the 2 lease agreement system: one official and one not official.
So, to BlockeeR your days in that flat are already numbered. If you keep on asking him to sign the zameldowanie he is going to ask you to leave.

Sad but true!!
You could try signing a lease agreement with a real estate agent or landlords who have registered companies.
Most of them will require a huge deposit and other fees before you can sign the minimum lease agreement which, in most cases, is 2 years.
adi008 - | 3
23 Nov 2015 #8
Hi everyone,
Do i need to show the registration of my address where iam living in Poland when i'll recieve karta pobytu? is it mandatory to show this, as they never asked in form to fill this ? Please help me out.

Thank you
Polsyr 6 | 758
23 Nov 2015 #9
when i'll recieve karta pobytu

When you to to collect the card, all your need is your valid passport. From that point onwards, while in Poland, your residence card by itself serves as officially recognized ID as well as proof of your residence status.

they never asked in form to fill this

In what form? Residence permit application? If you think they don't ask for your address in the residence permit application then you didn't read it right.
Mika92 1 | 6
21 Jan 2016 #10
Merged: No Address on my Karta Pobytu! (Poland's residency card)

Today I received my residency card but when I was checking the card at home, I noticed that there is no address written on it.

Although I submitted my apartment address when I was applying for the card.

Can You tell me this is normal or not? and what should i do?

mafketis 37 | 10,839
21 Jan 2016 #11
I just checked my card and the address is on the back at the top.

Is it temporary (czasowy) or permanent (stały) (If those are even valid categories anymore)?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
22 Jan 2016 #12
Can You tell me this is normal or not? and what should i do?

Strange, it should do. But it doesn't really matter - new Polish ID cards don't have the address anyway.

Is it temporary (czasowy) or permanent (stały) (If those are even valid categories anymore)?

Yeah, nothing has changed there.
assus - | 2
11 Feb 2016 #13
Hello Everybody, i wish all is fine and everything's alright, by the way i'm a new prisoner :D in poland, actually i'd like to know something about karta pobytu my wife is polish we living in poland and i'm going to get '' karta pobytu'' in few days, i already received positive decision just i didn't done meldunek yet, as i know according to the new law i can write a letter means that i dont need an adress in my karta, i'm in the last step of the process, i just need 50 zloty to pay the rest, perhaps to make it going to be prepared in warsaw anyway my question is that not bad at all if i have no address in my karta or i need an address, honestly i have all possibility for both, just to make everything's going to be fine...


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