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ING charges you about 2.5% from each deposit or transfer received to your own bank account. How usual is this?

17 Oct 2016 #1
To my full shock and surprise, I noticed that polish ING bank charges you about 1.5% from each deposit or transfer received to your own bank account.

I received four different payments, four different charges of almost 2.5%

I knew that depositing monez into your own account, or receiving transfers is alwazs free,
everywhere in Europe.

It looks like ING is very shady bank actually, with comissions and charges where you expect it the least.

How usual is this? I want to change my bank account ASAP, what do you recommend?

Thank you
17 Oct 2016 #2
For small amounts it is even more, because if you receive a payment of let's say 50 zl, ING charges you 0.5% + 10 zl,
that means a little more than 20% commission
Lenka 4 | 3,157
17 Oct 2016 #3
I had a bank account with them for years and was never charged for any transfers, in or out. Maybe you should go to the bank and ask about it?
terri 1 | 1,664
18 Oct 2016 #4
For a year or two all banks have started charging for everything. My bank, Alior charges 5pln for every page of a paper statement and up to now 8pln per month for me having an account with them. I do not have credit/debit cards, but use the bank to pay monthly bills by direct debit . I tried to change but all the other banks charge more.

You must read their terms and conditions for specific charges.
18 Oct 2016 #5
They modify the specific charges and comissions often. And there are about 56 pages of comissions and charges in ING.

At this point, anyone who uses ING must be simply mentally ill
OP Anna2016
21 Oct 2016 #6
well it is just one of the greediest banks that is active in Poland
22 Oct 2016 #8
Marsupial, unfortunately, you are very right
OP Anna2016
23 Oct 2016 #9
Let's say you use ING regularly

And you have 10,000 zl in your account

After the first transfer to someone, you have 9,750 zl left

When you receive some money, you have 9,500 zl left

and so on, each time you lose 250 zl on these absurd commissions that most banks don't have
Marysienka 1 | 195
23 Oct 2016 #10
as a person who has account with ING and pays nothing I have to ask you - what exactly are you talking about? What is the name of the fee?

I just read the table of payments and nothing matches what you are saying.
OP Anna2016
24 Oct 2016 #11
10 PLN plus 0.5% of every incoming payment, deposit or transfer to your ING account

(with one exception - if your account is "savings" account)

So probably you have this special ING savings account, the only one which doesn't pay 10 zloty + 0.5% for every incoming payment, deposit or transfer

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