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Form of Polish Driving Licence

13 Dec 2006 #1
Hi I am a taxi licensing officer in the UK.
Can anyone tell me whether the polish licence has a paper part, like the UK one. Also, is there a 'points' system for speeding etc that is recorded on a paper part? If not, how do you check if someone has points, or motoring convictions?
13 Dec 2006 #2
Have you tried asking your local constabulary? As a Taxi licensing officer you might suggest to your boss that all applicants are required to hold an UK driving license, this isn’t much messing around for an EU citizen.

Anyway as far as I know, based on my girlfriends licence and explanation, there’s not paper counterpart for the Polish driving licence, I presume that driving convictions must be stored on a government database that Polish police can access to ensure the driver is legal?
Kowalski 7 | 621
13 Dec 2006 #3
Any driver can check his/her record at your local police station with some prove of identity. I'm not sure you can check someone else record.

There is a point system and the ultimate maximum is 24 points (20pts for younger drivers). For having no seatbelts on there is just 3 points penalty that goes onto your record. Police cars have access to database as well, if not they do make a call to check you out.
OP taximan
13 Dec 2006 #4
Thank you both for your help. Holders of EEC area drivers licences have the same right to apply for a taxi licence in the UK as the holder of any UK licence, so we can't require them to hold a UK licence. Something to do with the free movement of labour in the EU apparently :).

If there is no paper part, how do you find out what the list headings mean? 1. is obviously surname, 2. is first names, 3. is I think date of birth. 4a.? Is this date of first grant, date of renewal or date of expiry? I have no idea what 4b. , 4c., 4d., 5., 8., or 9. mean (7. is driver signature). How do you tell whether a licence is full or provisional, and how do you tell what class of vehicles they are entitled to drive?

Thanks again for your help, and for your tolerance at me posting in the wrong sub-forum

Kowalski 7 | 621
13 Dec 2006 #5
1. Nazwisko
2. Imię/imiona
3. data i miejsce urodzenia
4a data wydania prawa jazdy - date of issue
4b. ważność prawa jazdy - validity date
4c. organ wydający prawo jazdy - who issued DL
5. numer prawa jazdy - DL number
7. podpis właściciela
9. kategoria/kategorie prawa jazdy
tył - back side
9. kategorie
10. data wydania kategorii
11. data ważności kategorii
12. zastrzeżenia (numer)
13. ograniczenia

ross - | 1
16 Jun 2008 #7
can any one help I get offered a job abrod it is a good job but they ask me for driving licence that i have not got one i have cheaked 2 web
but I am not sure can u halp pleas
H.K Phooey
16 Jun 2008 #8
If you aren't able to meet the requirements of the job then the job is probably not for you.

#1 Super Guy
kwalewska - | 1
19 Jun 2008 #9
Hi - I'm half polish, half english and want to sit my test in warsaw. I was told that to take the test, I need the PESEL from my polsih passport and Dowod osobisty - i speak polish and have lived in warsaw for many years but am not 'za meldowana' anywhere and my passport expired. help!?

polishcanuck 7 | 462
19 Jun 2008 #10
In order to renew your passport just simply go to a polish embassy/consulate with your expired passport and any and all ID you have. Now to get a dowod osobisty you need to get yourself "za meldowana" somewhere in poland. Maybe you still have some family in poland where you can za meldowac sie.
19 Jul 2008 #11
Best way is to contact embassy, give them names and numbers from pink plastic, i think they should contact police dep. in Poland
secanix79 1 | 7
20 Jul 2008 #12
I have a 10 years driving licence, but it's Algerian, so do I have to passe exams or just change it by polish?
man_singh - | 1
31 Jul 2010 #13
hi sir/madam , i m indian. i want to information about rule and regulation with sign. plz give me detail for make driving licence .
9 Nov 2018 #14
Poland driving licence bomber 92122417528

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