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2012 Euro Football Championships - hotel accommodation

Varsovian 92 | 634
24 Jan 2011 #1
Obviously, there won't be enough beds to go round, but I have a cunning plan ...
Improve areas under bridges
Give a tax-free bed&breakfast business licence for the duration of the championships to anyone who applies, on condition they can show an inspector they have a decent spare room and bathroom.

Should do the trick.
Would be popular too.
internaldialog 4 | 145
24 Jan 2011 #2
most of the accommodation will have been pre allocated to the main high star hotels so the cheaper alternatives will still be available but it is advised anyone going should book now. Most major events like the UEFA games have hotels pre booked upto 3 years in advance in any area they know where the event is likely to happen.
9 May 2011 #3
Need help with accommodations etc at Euro 2012 in Kev?
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4 Apr 2012 #4
Hi All football fans !

Please see our website:

8 Apr 2012 #5
If you want to rent a flat for a week of Euro2012 in the center of Warsaw for not much money, please contact me here and will send you the information about how you can contact me :)
pantsless 1 | 267
9 Apr 2012 #6
There are tons of beds to go around in Ukraine, of course are ridiculous prices. No surprise that tickets are still available for games in Ukraine.What a waste.
moonstefan - | 1
22 Apr 2012 #7
Guys, who are interested in affordable housing (25-35 euros) in Kiev during the UEFA EURO contact me.
5 Jun 2012 #8
Hotels are very expensive indeed, but there are other places to stay on Euro than hotels, hostels and bridges. :] It depends on what you are looking for. For example we on our camping still have free bookings left. And - otherwise than hotels - we have NOT only accommodation. The camping is a one big fun and entertaiment place - consider that in your searching.

Best regards.
10 Jun 2012 #9
Well, post by post, but anyway - did you find the accommodation that you need?

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