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Polish cuisine for Euro 2012 - poll results

6 Apr 2012 /  #1
The "Polityka" poll on the dish for fans visiting our country during the European Championships 2012 - is resolved. The gold medal has been won by żurek! Its advantage over red beetroot soup and stuffed, rolled slices was overwhelming.,1,

1/12 - 31.3% votes. Sour soup "żurek" with hard boiled egg and white sausage - a Polish soup which arouses the greatest admiration among foreigners, but also appreciated by the countrymen and simple to prepare.,1,

2/12 - 14.4% votes. Beetroot soup with pasty is indispensable, especially in the morning after a night of carouse.,2,

3/12 - 12.4% votes. Stuffed, rolled slices of beef served with buckwheat. Such dish was being prepared in the kitchens of Radziwills' but only for holidays or special occasions to impress the guests.,3,

4/12 - 9.7% votes. Pork loin with prunes - a dish descending from the old Polish cuisine, where it decorated aristocratic tables.,4,

5/12 - 8.6% votes. Gnarled pastry "sękacz" - known in Poland since the Middle Ages, borrowed from Tatars' cuisine (although some argue that it was taken from Yotvingians).,5,

6/12 - 7.4% votes. Buds, "pączki" - in Europe are known as industrially produced donuts. Will we show the fans how they really taste?,6,

7/12 - 4.2% votes. Chicken Polish style - stuffed with liver, dill and bread - a classic Polish cuisine: delicious and spectacular on a platter.,7,

8/12 - 4% votes. Mushroom soup - Mixing holiday valors with an ordinary autumn dinner, when various wild mushrooms are in season.,8,

9/12 - 3.1% votes. Herring in sour cream - Common alcoholic adage has it that fish like to swim. But according to you this dish will not be a winner of the fans' palates.,9,

10/12 -2.5% votes. Cold feet (pork jelly) - the most traditional Polish appetizer, but - according to you - we should keep it for ourselves.,10,

11/12 -1.4% votes. Sauerkraut soup on lamb ribs - Surprisingly low in your indications. There are those who can not imagine the morning "after", without this original flavour of Podhale cuisine.,11,

12/12 - 1% votes. Tench in cream - apparently a tench can only be prepared at home, and hence this dish received such a low grade.,12,
6 Apr 2012 /  #2
I'm soooooo hungry. PF will be my inspiration when soon I will retreat to kitchen to prepare żurek :
6 Apr 2012 /  #3
Pork jelly should be out,foreigners find it disgusting,at least my friends.
Sekacz is an odd choice,it should be sernik or makowiec.
Agree about the zurek,it's tasty .
How come pierogi are not on a list?
6 Apr 2012 /  #4
I am surprised you didn't have flaki on the list :D
6 Apr 2012 /  #5
Given that Euro 2012 will be in the height of summer, Chlodnik Litewski should be on the list. Mizeria too.
OP boletus  
6 Apr 2012 /  #6
Chlodnik Litewski should be on the list. Mizeria too.

Yes, on both counts.
6 Apr 2012 /  #7
Agree about the zurek,it's tasty .

Zurek is also the perfect cure for a hangover...
7 Apr 2012 /  #8
zrazy, zrazy, zrazy!!!bit time consuming though...
7 Apr 2012 /  #9
What about Polish desserts ?Delicious Polish pastries and cakes ?



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