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Am I Polish (and eligible for Polish citizenship)?

polishkid506 1 | -
22 Jul 2015 #1
Hello! I have some questions regarding whether I and my father are eligible for polish citizenship. I will be getting more information soon, but I'm very excited about the possible prospect of being a Polish citizen, and I would like to know before I start to do a lot of digging if there is a chance.

My great grandmother moved to Canada in the 1933 with her 3 kids. Her husband is also Polish, but didn't end up moving with them to Canada. My grandmother was born in Canada shortly after they arrived in Canada. Her mother (my great grandmother) never remarried after her arrival to Canada. My Grandmother ended up having 5 kids in Canada with a non Pole. I think my grandmother got married before she had her kids. My father was born in 1959. No one in my family has ever held public office in Canada, and no one has ever been in the military.

I'm able to get more information if necessary, but if someone that's familiar with Polish Law can tell me if there is any chance of my Father obtaining citizenship, and if I will be able to obtain it as well it would be much appreciated.
22 Jul 2015 #2
Have you tried your nearest Polish Consulate? That's where I would be going in the first place - they must be dealing with this sort of stuff day in /day out...
24 Jul 2015 #3
In all likelihood yes. When was your grandmother born? When did your great-grandmother become a Canadian?

If it was before 1951 you'd have to use the great-grandfather's documents to prove it and then prove the births and marriages along the line to you in official documents. You will also have to prove your great-grandfather never naturalized as a Canadian somehow. It will be a lot of digging in Poland likely. Females couldn't pass on citizenship to their kids before Jan 1951 if I recall correctly unless they were unmarried. If you go your great-grandmothers route you will have to prove that she became Canadian after the next of kin was born.
24 Jun 2016 #4
Merged: Obtaining Polish citizenship

Hi everybody
My father was Polish, born 1905, in PÅ‚ock, and came to Britain with the Polish Air Force, like so many others. He became a naturalised British citizen in the 1940s. I still have cousins in Poland.

Does anybody have any advice on how to go about applying for Polish citizenship please, for myself and my two children? I'm interested in finding out what the process is and if you have any advice on lawyers or agencies to use etc?

Many thanks
terri 1 | 1,665
24 Jun 2016 #5
Do not use agencies - there is no need. You need to obtain forms from the Polish Consulate/Embassy and complete them. First contact them for general guidance.

To my way of thinking you 'should' have no problems, but you must obtain documents proving everything.
25 Jun 2016 #6
Many thanks for your help, terri

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