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Do I need Polish company to employ someone? I have UK registered business.

vivaobama1111 1 | -
13 Jun 2015 #1
So I have UK registered company and I want to start office here in Poland & offer some jobs to local people - Can I do that with UK company or do I need to register business locally ?


Found great article,[5002284].html

Decided to register branch office, if anyone has more information about this I'd appreciate it :)
jon357 72 | 20,985
13 Jun 2015 #2
branch office

I went to a seminar on this once, organised by a law firm who specialise in it (don't remember the name, however if you want I can PM you with a name of a lawyer who was there and can point you in the right direction). There's still quite a bit of paperwork to register a branch office, however it's easier than, say, registering a limited company in Poland.

There are some tax advantages, however you should be aware that the tax office do pay special attention to people who've registered companies abroad to trade in PL.
OntheRightway 1 | 1
28 Sep 2017 #3

Do we require to setup a company to import food items in Poland and then also to supply them them further?

I am thinking of importing fresh Fruits and vegetables from Asian countries to Poland and then supply them further to other neighbouring countries. We are based in Uk at the moment and have a company here .. Can we use the same company there ?
argen - | 33
2 Oct 2017 #4
In EU we have open market which means that company registered in one EU country may run its business in another country. The same regulation apply in PL. As Vivaobama1111 wrote, the foreign company may open their branch office in Poland. It's one of the cheapest and quickest why to start business activity in PL. Very briefly:

1. Name of branch - Name of the foreign company/enterpreneur with their legal form and description Oddział w Polsce (Branch in Poland) f.e. Diamond Oak Investment Ltd. Oddział w Polsce,

2. Procedure:
- Branch have to get it's polish address and person authorize to run their business,
- it requires registration in KRS (National Court Register) and in Urząd Skarbowy (Tax Office) for tax purposes,
- it doesn't have legal entity in Poland. The foreign company has unlimited liability,
- branch has to pay VAT in Poland and income tax but only from the incomes from Polish activity,
- there is no minimum capital requirements,
- the founder of the branch is foreign company,
- registration takes 3-4 weekse.

3. Yes of course, your UK company can found a branch in Poland and run it's business here on the mentioned rules.

If you have any further question please let me know or contact by PM.

Home / Law / Do I need Polish company to employ someone? I have UK registered business.
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