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Synonyms in Polish - anonymous survey for a student.

KatHaw 1 | 2
2 Apr 2015 #1

I hope I'm posting this to the right forum. I'm an student studying the Polish language and I'm conducting research for my dissertation. I'm looking for native Polish speakers to fill out a short survey which is looking at synonyms within Polish, and whether they can have different connotations.

In the survey, you will be directed to one version of a short text describing a person at work, which is followed by 6 simple questions, which will gauge your perception of this character. It shouldn't take any longer than five minutes to complete.

The survey is written in Polish and is made through Google Forms. It is anonymous. If you have any questions or comments you can contact me here or via my email address queries.synonymtest@gmail. Information about the survey is also given in Polish on the first page.

Thank you very, very much for your time and participation.
2 Apr 2015 #2

The text itself contains mistakes that I could correct for you if you want.
Also I don't see how could you presume anything about Anna from this text.

Take care!
OP KatHaw 1 | 2
2 Apr 2015 #3
Hi Majkel,

Thanks for your message. Yes, please, I'd be happy to hear if there any mistakes in the text and I'll make sure to correct them. :)

The texts are deliberately a bit bland, so as not to lead the reader in a particular direction. I'm researching whether so-called synonyms can differ due to additional connotations, (i.e. from cultural context), so I'm looking more so for the reaction towards the job title itself given in the text, rather than towards the character. However, f you're getting a neutral vibe from the version of the text you read, you are welcome to show that on the ratings :)
3 Apr 2015 #4
Ok, let's go Kat! :)

Anna pracuje, jako doradca marketingowy w firmie doradczej. (comma there is an error).

Dziś przyjechała do małego przedsiębiorstwo, żeby wziąć udział w posiedzeniu. (małego przedsiębiorstwa, also posiedzenie is used posiedzenie rady nadzorczej - board meeting. I think you should've used spotkanie here - wziąć udział w spotkaniu)

Jej klient opracuje nowy projekt eksportowania produktów. (I think you should use opracowuje here, opracuje means "will work (on a project)", opracowuje means "is working (on a project)".)

Po analizowaniu sytuacji ekonomicznej za granicę. (przeanalizowaniu, za granicą)

Po czytaniu tego tekstu, proszę odpowiedzieć pytania o Twoim wrażeniu Anny. (po przeczytaniu, na pytania).

Jak kompetentna jest Anna w niej pracy? (correct sentence would be "Anna w pracy", you could also say "W swojej pracy" - bit strange.)

Gdybyś był/-aś pracowdawcą, chciałbyś/-łabyś zatrudnić Annę? (Gdybyś był/-a).

Sorry to hit you with all that Grammar Nazism.
In case of additional questions, let me know ;)

Hope you can read all Polish symols.
OP KatHaw 1 | 2
3 Apr 2015 #5
Thank you so much for taking the time to go through that for me! I've made the corrections you've suggested. I can't believe I made the silly mistake of 'Gdybyś był/-aś' and not decling 'przesiębiorstwo'!

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