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how to say drum in polish?

whitopian1 8 | 3
10 Sep 2012 #1
okay so i am a little confused about this because two of my friends told me different things. i wrote this to them:

gram na bębnom,

my friend monica understood it, but next period, i showed it to my friend bart, who started laughing, and said it should be:

gram na bębonki (or something that sounded like that)

i was really confused, and i still am, so could you guys give me some in sight on this?
10 Sep 2012 #2
1.gram na bębnach or 2.gram na bębenkach - these two sentences are correct,
cinek 2 | 346
10 Sep 2012 #3
drum = bęben
small drum = bębenek
drum kit = perkusja (or more formally 'zestaw perkusyjny')

so the sentences could be:
Gram na bębnie (pl. bębnach)
Gram na bębenku (pl. bębenkach)
Gram na perkusji.

sofijufka 2 | 187
10 Sep 2012 #4
gram na bębnom,

gram na bębnie [~~bembnie]: gram na bębenku [bembenku]
Wulkan - | 3167
10 Sep 2012 #5
I bet this guy is clear as feck now
boletus 30 | 1360
10 Sep 2012 #6
But this is fun!

I taką sobie myśl wyodrębnię,
Że ja ma bęben i na nim bębnię,
Więc sobie w końcu to umożebnię,
aby pobębnić na zamku w Dębnie.

  • Dbno Castle
rybnik 18 | 1453
10 Sep 2012 #7
good one!

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