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Is rosetta stone any good for learning Polish?

zobbi 1 | 2
8 Apr 2010 #31
Is there a way I could buy a copy off you?
Tamith - | 2
8 Apr 2010 #32
Hello! I'm new here and am looking forward to learning this language also - going to look into being taught by a native speaker, as well, this summer.

This program looks interesting too, though - It would be nice to know a bit of the vocabulary before trying to pick up grammar. I always find that trying to put sentences together without knowledge is indeed a pain in the butt. But that's how they've always taught it in school (probably why I never retained any language past English xD)

I'm going to check out this software and will leave a comment on my experiences here to let you guys know how things went. ^_^
zobbi 1 | 2
8 Apr 2010 #33
Can anyone who has the Rosetta Stone program for Polish please contact me? I downloaded it but it doesnt want to work...i downloaded 3 languages and all work fine except Polish :( Can anyone help me? Thanks
Tamith - | 2
9 Apr 2010 #34
I can try to help you if you need to know how to go about using the particular version I downloaded. The link is on the first page of this thread - I just mounted it on my harddrive and went through it last night.

The pictures are alright, but I have a hard time understanding what is being said clearly enough to pronounce things accurately. Then again, I was sleepy :P So I'll try it again. Let me know if you need help!
ian baird
11 May 2010 #35
My Polish friend complained that I had known her for three years and hadn't learned a single word of the Polish language in that time.

At my request she started emailing a different word every day and I got interested. When I was at school I was always bottom of the class in languages (French and Latin) and top in every other subject. But it was a small class of only eight pupils. However, I always thought I was bad at languages and stuck to English only, though I'm widely travelled.

To continue: I started studying through the first version of Rosetta Stone which I thought was excellent. Last year I bought the latest Rosetta from America (to Ireland), three levels for 500 euro plus another 120 vat when the postman arrived.

I have completed the first two Levels and am now revising them (and getting 90 to 100 per cent in all the lessons) before moving on to Level 3. I'm really pleased and surprised.

31 May 2010 #36
I wouldn't try and use books and audio cassettes or CDs to replace lessons but along side them they can do wonders, or for brushing up a few bits before taking lessons. I am an Englishman living and working in Gdynia, Poland and can speak Polish tolerably well these days after having had a year's lessons. I have used the Hurra po polsku range 1 and 2 so far and they are great. Colloquial Polish (I bought it) was incredibly difficult to get started with and I would not recommend it for beginners, no matter what it states on the front.
Last Generation
25 Sep 2010 #37
Hi, if you don't know any polish and you want to learn a little, try Michel Thomas Polish course. I am sure you have never experienced anything similar before when learning a language. It is the most.

It is an audio course and simulates a classroom with a teacher and two students. You will be talking polish from the first day, and you will always have a sense of achievement and progress. He (well, in fact in this one the teacher is a lady) teaches you how to use the grammar, and therefore you think on your own and you are able to apply these rules and make your own sentences. Nothing to see with Pimsleur, which keeps on repeating the same sentence for half an hour and after that, you still don't know where it comes from. Only one problem: you won't be able to write or read a single word in Polish. It is just about talking.

After the first course you won't believe that. You will be really able to talk in Polish!! Of course, it is a basic conversation, but, let's say, I can tell my polish girlfriend things like "I am sorry but I can't help you now because I am very busy" or "Tomorrow I'll go to a concert".

Unfortunately, the advanced course is not as brilliant, as they start with the declinations in a way that is kind of confusing and it gets tough, but anyway, I highly recommend to give it a try. In addition, it has a very reasonable price.
scarlletwomen - | 1
6 Mar 2011 #38
I have to sell a new course Rosetta Stone Polish - Polish Level 1,2,3.
Exactly this:
Interested please contacts:
George8600 10 | 632
6 Mar 2011 #39
Guys stop paying so many high ridiculous prices ffs, just message me and I'll tell you how I torrented them and got the language expansions for free and full working. Also Rosetta stone is really nice, it helped my learn beginners Japanese, make my German and Greek fluent, and I'm starting Italian.
NODUFF 5 | 13
9 Mar 2011 #40
George, can you help me with the rosetta stone stuff? kind regards NODUFF
Leopejo 4 | 120
10 Mar 2011 #41
Rosetta Stone is the single worst language course I have come across. Well, second to worst, after the American selling his Spanish course where you multiply words instead of adding them.

For a free and legal alternative, check out the courses at supermemo. The paid courses work like spaced repetition software, but you can use it for free without spaced repetition.
hank74 - | 1
9 May 2011 #42
Same here George, I was considering buying them but if you could help me it would be fantastic.
Sara A R 1 | 9
25 Aug 2011 #43
I have Rosetta Stone, but for German and I'd say that it is a good way to learn the basics, but it can in no way make you fluent. And it is really really expensive. The good thing about it, though, is as you continue to complete lessons it will often have you go back for a review so you don't forget what you've previously learn, and you can sign up *for a fee* online 'meetings' with someone who is fluent in the language and they will almost give you a test to help you a lot. I haven't done it myself yet because when I first got it I was too busy to do anything other than do the lessons.

Rosetta Stone also gives you a few games and little stories that you can read or have read out to you! I really like it.

The main thing about all of it is that you really need to do it every day or every other day because you WILL forget stuff and it will set you back even farther!

While I don't know anything about the Polish lesson, I do know stuff about how Rosetta Stone works so if you have any more questions you can ask me. :)
ewakaw - | 1
25 Aug 2011 #44
Rosetta Stone is a good program but if you really want to lern Polish FAST, you should take some course or lessons. I have been a Teacher for 30 years and know very well every method of learning/ teaching foreign languages ( I am a French and Polish Teacher). Sorry for my English that I have been teaching myself for 18 months :))
Sara A R 1 | 9
26 Aug 2011 #45

Rosetta Stone is a good program but if you really want to lern Polish FAST, you should take some course or lessons.

I agree! While I do enjoy Rosetta Stone a class course is better.

Also, ewakaw, you're English is great! :)
Bharat thapa
19 Oct 2011 #46
it's pretty good and it's advisable should buy it upto level5 because level three is just the start(my personal opinion, what i have felt.)

peopl who all are buying they do not read the instructions and details first.(level one is for basic vocabulary-expect conversation from it only and don't use it regularly.)

step step it builds your understanding level 1-5, think yourself if you already know second language other than english(or whatsoever language you speak.) how much time you took and how you learned it?

here rosetta stone is trying to make you or get you close by to the conversational language learning(which i believe is much better than ordering or buying or learning a language which is good for travellers or etc etc--what other companies are offering.)

if you are planning to buy it then buy atleast upto 3levels and if available buy all 5levels and stick to it. everyday for 1hr(don't over do it, otherwise your brain would not be able to retain it back, atleast 5days a week(constantly) i do it 7days a week and by chatting i try to utilise whatever i have learned so far.(i am using rosetta stone's spanish-latin american level-2)

i know it's hard and sometimes it gets tiring but don't you think it's helping you to understand it much better, which even tutors can't make you think like that.

if just want to learn limited language understanding and don't want to think in desired language then there are many audios and softwares available.

but language learning is not just ordering a bottle of beer or asking where is the toilet. :P
it's all about immersing yourself into it.
So i feel Platiquemos FSI/FSI/ROSETTA STONE/Assmil.
these are pretty awesome softwares they take lot of time platiquemos and assimil they take more time but they actually are pretty good.
If you are a user of rosetta stone finish all 5levels and then you can try platiquemos fsi and assimil advance level as well(as far i think you wouldn't be needing it, you might need to work on your vocabulary as you already know, language is changing day by day but still have time.

I already speak 4different languages fluently(In some of them i am not native fluent or you could say not as good as native speaker but my talks they make sense to others.)

Don't take advice from them who all weren't good enough to complete the course or weren't regular to something(be it any) and now sharing their views/opinions.

There is nothing easy in this world, everything builds step by step.

Ofcourse these are not make you as effecient as them who are already native speakers but it'll give you a rock solid foundation, which is 100times better than what others are offering. It's not about just limited understanding it's about knowing it completely and later you can increase your knowledge after finishing these courses.

I speak:-English, Hindi, Nepalese, Urdu and Little spanish(Yo estoy trantando de aprenderlo y todos los días aprendo mucho.)
Mi novia siempre está disponible para mí porque le quiere ayudame tambien.
nosotros estamos en el amor y ahurita no estoy usando el traductor para traducir. sólo te estoy diciendo que tienes que estar dedicativo y después de completir tus cursos de idiomas vas a entender mucho.

buena suerte. :)

Last but not the least after finishing your level 3 you can try your skills by chatting with others.

And do not supplement yourself with grammerbooks or other softwares/audios if you are planning to use Rosetta stone.(You can listen to the songs and watch movies in the desired language but BIG NO to workbooks and other contents otherwise it is not gonna work for you.)
Latefordate - | 7
20 Oct 2011 #47
Hello, i am using Rosetta Stone at the moment and just completed level 1. It works fine for me, let me know if i can be of help.

Rosetta Stone is very basic. Go here for a free and more comprehensive Polish course:

Hal, thank-you. I use RS but i like to pick up as much as i can and this is very helpful. RS alone is not going to take me anywhere.
catsoldier 62 | 595
30 Sep 2012 #48

I found some videos about rosetta stone software:

This one is an example of how it works:

This one is an opinion about the software:
Albanaich 2 | 31
7 Jan 2013 #49

Yes and no. . . . . . . . . Rosetta is very good an enlarging your vocabulary, not so good at grammar (and Polish grammar is DIFFICULT) , Pimsleur will get you the basic's quickly, but you will have no vocabulary, Michel Thomas will give grammar and knowledge of the structure of the language, but like Pimsleur will be short on vocabularly.

Over the last 12 months I've used Rosetta, Collins, Pimsleur and now Michel Thomas. All of them (with the exception of Collins) take a different approach and have a different purpose.

Fast result - Pimsleur, its good for ordering drinks and finding the toilet - but not much else.
Enlarging the vocubulary and pronouciation - Rosetta Stone.
Getting a grip of structure and grammar - Michel Thomas

They should be done in that order.

The Michel Thomas is a bit of a revelation 'ah, that's how it all fits together' - but I am pretty sure I would not have got that feeling without the range of vocabulary learn from Rosetta.

The final stage is getting Polish language films (Three Colours and Walt Disney are good) and getting so you can follow the film without subtitles. When you find yourself ignoring the sub-titles you've just about cracked it. (that's when I knew I had cracked German, I haven't quite got to that stage in Polish)

I would agree with the comments about Rosetta Stone. You'll learn lots of words - but you won't know how to use them. Pimsleur and Michel Thomas are better for the reasons the youtube reviewer describes. You need three things in learning a language.

1. A basic feel for the language and how it sounds and works
2. Words - Vocabulary
3. How to fit everything together

No one program can to that - and if it did it would be an enormous project. As the reviewer (and anyone who has learned another language will tell you) you need to forced into situations where you are forced to use the language. Michel Thomas is particularly good at this, but if you haven't got a good vocabulary, then you won't have anything to say.

As the reviews says, one of the best ways to learn is in the car or waiting for the train, or situations where you have time. Computer based programs can't do that. Persistence is the key - you really have to be surrounded by the language. Like turning on Michel Thomas or Pimsleur while you are washing the dishes or cleaning the house. You find yourself answering questions and creating sentences to describe what you are doing instinctively. To do that you need words, and the only way to learn words is through the 'flash card' approach - which Rosettal Stone is a very sophisticated example of.
rdywenur 1 | 157
8 Jan 2013 #50
this is exactly true what he says. Best way is to live in the country and to use or loose. I would try thye library and see what they have available.
21 Mar 2013 #51
For levels 1-3 it is only $320 on

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