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Pol/Eng Dictionary for Mobile Phones

PolskaDoll 28 | 2,099
12 Sep 2007 #1

A friend of mine has a Pol/Eng:Eng/Pol translator/dictionary on his mobile phone which he downloaded from the Internet for free. However, when I try to download it, my virus scan is going nuts. Currently trying to download to PC so that I can scan it, before transferring to phone.

So does anyone know of something would be the same as above but would download without viruses and would be suitable for a Sony Ericsson, brand new model phone?


PD :)
Ronek 1 | 261
12 Sep 2007 #2
maybe the program you are talking about dosnt work well with your cell type.
OP PolskaDoll 28 | 2,099
12 Sep 2007 #3
I don't know yet, am trying to download to PC but it's having virus alerts all over the place. I don't know why. It's marked as a safe site.
HAL9009 2 | 323
12 Sep 2007 #4
... just disable the virus checker
sausage 19 | 777
22 Sep 2007 #5
i bought a stand-alone Franklin Eastern European Translator device for £20 which recognises 175,000 words. And you can play hangman on it too!

however, i would be interested in a Sony phone-based one too. There isn't much spare room in my manbag or pockets
OP PolskaDoll 28 | 2,099
25 Sep 2007 #6
Where did you get this?

I was looking at them yesterday and a very basic one was £19.99 and only had about 5 languages on it and the one with more languages was £29.99.
Alper 2 | 6
25 Sep 2007 #7
can any one give me the link for these free pc dictionaries?
OP PolskaDoll 28 | 2,099
25 Sep 2007 #8
You can find them by using your search engine.
sausage 19 | 777
26 Sep 2007 #9
bought a stand-alone Franklin Eastern European Translator device

I got mine from Waterstone's bookshop, it was a 5 language one.
OP PolskaDoll 28 | 2,099
26 Sep 2007 #10
it was a 5 language one

And Polish was one of the languages?
sausage 19 | 777
30 Sep 2007 #11
(delayed response!) yes

actually it was from Borders, they were near the checkout for all those last minute impulse buyers out there
OP PolskaDoll 28 | 2,099
30 Sep 2007 #12
Okay, thanks Sausage! Am in town just now, might go and have a looky... :)

(delayed response!) yes

Not half :)
moonsa 4 | 28
28 Oct 2008 #13
xlator is the best polish-english and english-polish dictionary for mobile. it's really good. and it works with phone which support symbian and for siemens and some other brands. you can try it...
Jammin 1 | 4
3 Jan 2010 #14
Hi. I have a free English to Polish Dictionary on my cellphone ( HAD, my phone's dead :( ). You need to have a java enabled cellphone and a data cable and/or wap capability on your mobile.

1) Go to and search for KODI english/polish and it will show you the .jar file which you need to download.

2) Now after that, you need to transfer this file to your mobile via data cable and/or wap.

3) Once you copy it to the phone's memory...unplug your phone from the computer and go to location where you stored the file on the phone...

4) just press OK on the file and the program will be installed automatically

On my SonyEricssonK770i, I had the option to save the executable file in games and I did so....

Hope this helps!
4 Jan 2010 #15
Try to download a free Polish-English dictionary for mobile phones from:
It has been tested on Sony Ericsson as well.

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