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Polish Lessons Units

12 Mar 2009 #151
u r good

Well done..
mateinone 5 | 58
17 Mar 2009 #152
I have gone through all of these in the last two days and loved doing so. This is a wonderful piece of work that Janusz has put together.
LidkaStar - | 3
24 Mar 2009 #153
I do totally adore you! bc my polish worse =D but now i can practice and re-learn it!!=D thank you sooooooo much!
24 Mar 2009 #154
Great lessons, Could I add a Link to this files from the
free polish lessons page?
Tanny - | 1
18 Apr 2009 #155
This lessons are very helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!
Czwartek 2 | 14
19 May 2009 #156
I was watching these on youtube long before I found this forum. :-D

Good job!
jben77 - | 1
5 Jul 2009 #157
This is great... Thank you!
nancygrl - | 11
17 Jul 2009 #158
Cześć Januz,

Ja też jestem Polka, urodzona w Rajgród. Ale miezkam w ameryce.

Od kiedy matka umarła, to nie mam z kim mieć rozmowa. Ja znalazła twoją nitkę, i rzeczywiście lubię, będzie pomagać mie wiele.
Justanya 2 | 11
4 Aug 2009 #159
great idea. thanks

this is my first post and I've been learning polish for some time. Went to Poland this July, loved it. Weather fantastic! I really needed help with pronunciation and this is great. Keep up the good work,
james ski - | 6
10 Aug 2009 #160
This is absolutely amazing! You are wonderful for putting this together.
28 Aug 2009 #161
Excellent resource man - I have been looking for this for months.

thanks you so much!!!

Spaceman77 3 | 58
15 Sep 2009 #162
Thank You very much!!! I've been trying to find something like this!.
You have a good soul!
Michallikes 10 | 34
19 Sep 2009 #163
More excellent videos can be found here:

dino5454 - | 1
23 Nov 2009 #164
haj,co slyatch, jestem po polsku. Ja mowia bradzo malo po polsku teraz. I learned as a kid, but after moving away from heavily populated polish area into georgia, i have lost most of it. im 17 now, is this a good method to learn/re learn polish? and again i do remember some but not enough to hold convo.
Polak Loginoff - | 1
9 Dec 2009 #165
Bardzo dziękuję, Janusz! - Zebrałem wszystkie lekcje razem.
bohemiafen - | 1
26 Jan 2010 #166
Kret, are the word a phrase, i understand them as, about the small mole that wanted to know what was going on in hi head.
amt0604ie - | 14
26 Jan 2010 #167
This thread is superb and a Godsend for us folk trying to learn Polish.
Thanks a mill janusz for taking the time and effort to put all this together, I have added it to my favourites but it should really be a sticky at the top of each page here.
ChezaRose91 - | 2
30 Jan 2010 #168
great job! awesome indeed!
im speechless~

i downloaded every clip which was here and am still looking forward for more.
it's like i can't have enough of it!! ;p

i'm sure than anyone who learned even a bit from these will be thanking you everytime they use anything

i know I WILL !!

take care nd keep up!
naomi - | 1
22 Feb 2010 #169
Absolutnie, dziękują za wasz praca. Uczący się i mowie jest naibardzeij trudny!
31 Mar 2010 #170

Thank you for this great job. Dziękuję bardzo

I download almost every letter, file format MP4, so I can play them with VLC or KMPlayer. These players have the possibility to slow down for the difficult parts.

I use Firefox as a browser with the YouTube add-on.

One request to you Janusz, Could you upload or correct Unit 13? It is impossible for me, I got an empty (Zero bytes) download. Even as I am looking-up the particular video on YouTube.

Your Unit 3 did result in the previous unit, Unit 2. But downloading this directly from YouTube correct this.

Thank you once more, Brompting
musicwriter 5 | 87
26 Apr 2010 #171
Wonderful idea! What about <drz> as in drzewo, drzwi?

Aliloveskrakow - | 19
18 May 2010 #172
My plan is to produce one short video for every letter and every sound of the Polish Language.

Dear Janusz,

I first found these videos on Youtube about a year ago and now I have been signposted to them by another poster on a different thread having had no idea they originated on this forum!

I just wanted to say thank you for investing so much time and effort for free so that strangers such as myself can begin to learn Polish:) You set a wonderful example of altruism.

Sincerely thank you very much.

Ali x
1 Jul 2010 #173
Wonderful idea! What about <drz> as in drzewo, drzwi?

That one's tricky actually, because the drz in drzwi is pronounced as 'dż' (dżem, jazz), not as 'd-ż' (as in drzewo).
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
2 Jul 2010 #174
What about <drz> as in drzewo, drzwi?

Choose Polish, voice Ewa.
22 Jul 2010 #175
be careful, 'drzwi' should be pronounced [dż-vi], not [d-ż-vi], while 'drzewo' is [d-ż-evo] (because the drz-cluster is followed by a vowel).
Jan K - | 1
15 Nov 2010 #176
Dear Janusz

I’m an admin of a polish french website in Lyon France and I’ve just found your polish lessons in YouTube. It seems to be very interesting and helpful for beginners. So I will be very glad if you can give me authorization to publish all polish lessons in our website.

Thanks in advance for your help

Best regards
Jan Koziol
Ice 1 | 3
8 Jan 2012 #177

Thank you for providing these videos. I just completed them today and it feels great.

Also I was in PL for the holidays and was able to sing carols in Polish from a book due to your videos. The people around me were astonished. I had no idea what I was saying but it was possible because of you. Thank you!
CoachPaul - | 7
29 Mar 2012 #178
Great videos! Thank you so much! I'll be moving to Gdansk around September, so I've just begun studying.
Rysavy 10 | 308
16 Oct 2012 #180
Oh wonderful! This just rolled out of the tide like a coveted seashell!

I found one rosetta stone with a book my family had. Polstina pro Cechy. The phonetic comparison section was a an epiphany. With this I may drag my lisped Southerner accent out asn away from my start of polish! YAY!

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