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Polish Lessons Units

14 Jun 2007 /  #1
My plan is to produce one short video for every letter and every sound of the Polish Language.

At the end there will be approximately 45 videos, every one of them containing 17 words.

So theoretically somebody, who would spend 45 minutes watching all of them, would have at least a swift contact with 765 Polish words (mainly substantives)

There is a myth that the Polish Language is one of the most difficult to learn. I don't believe it anymore after meeting and speaking to a lot of students who after learning Polish for six months or so - mastered this language to a remarkable degree.

My theory is that the Polish Language appears very difficult at the beginning but after somebody manages to reach a certain point of knowledge - this language becomes unexpectedly easy to speak - because obviously it is a very intuitive and "judge by the ear" language.

After reaching a certain point you just know how to say it (how to decline and so) because it seems to sound either good or not.

So this is why I think, that anybody who would like to learn Polish should invest quite an ample time to "get used" to it.

Those 45 minutes of the Polish alphabet are supposed to be the first introduction to this foreign language. It should help to understand how Polish should be pronounced as well as to learn some first Polish words.

It should give you the general idea of how the Polish language sounds like.

In the next level we will deal with most common verbs. We will look at how they sound and function.

I dedicate this course to Carina and Manuel who are trying to learn Polish. I hope I can help you. You can imagine how happy I would be to speak Polish with you.

Unit 1 - Polsh Alphabet

Unit 2 - A

Unit 3 - Ą

Unit 4 - B

Unit 5 - C

Unit 6 - Ć

Unit 7 - Ci

Unit 8 - Cz

Unit 9 - Ch

14 Jun 2007 /  #2
What a nice guy to do this for free. Fair play to you mate.
14 Jun 2007 /  #3's all blank for me. Maybe my company firewall is blocking sth.
14 Jun 2007 /  #4
These are just Superb!!!

A great leap forward for people trying to get thiere toungue around letter sounds.
14 Jun 2007 /  #5
My theory is that the Polish Language appears very difficult at the beginning but after somebody manages to reach a certain point of knowledge - this language becomes unexpectedly easy to speak

I think that is probably the case with most languages. I know someone who used to study German. He told me that German starts easy and becomes difficult whereas English for Germans starts difficult but then becomes easy. There must certainly always be a 'threshold' over which each and every one of us has to climb.

Incidentlaly, I really like the tapes of Polish sounds.
16 Jun 2007 /  #6
Dziękuję Janusz. Bardzo użyteczny.

Jestem w Szkocja ale ja uczę się Polskiego i lubię uczyć się nowych słówek.

Pozdrawiam serdecznie!
OP janusz  
16 Jun 2007 /  #7
Thank you. I’ve corrected the UNIT 10 because the youtube sign has covered the translations.

18 Jun 2007 /  #8
these videos are awesome(=
very useful/helpful! thanks!!
18 Jun 2007 /  #9
kewl its working fine over here...
I`m a little past the alphabet but good! great learning tool

good stuff!!
24 Jun 2007 /  #10
wow! this is brill janusz, im dyslexic and have trouble with the english language never mind learning polish! wouldnt mind downloading these into my ipod. can i do that?
24 Jun 2007 /  #11
This is great! Thank you for this post.
OP janusz  
25 Jun 2007 /  #12
Littlebeezz, you can do it very easy: go to - this is an: “ Online FLV Converter : Download online videos direct to PC / iPod / PSP. It's free!” :)

Unit 11 - Dź

Unit 12 - Dz

27 Jun 2007 /  #13
This is brilliant!

Thank you thank you thank you!
big al  
29 Jun 2007 /  #14
i certainly agree, the audio sections of different words is quite helpfull, having the means to play over and over is a real bonus, it is great to see how the words are not pronounced as we would imagine them, until you have mastered those sounds it is pointless having an english polish phrasebook i feel like i am back at school thanks
4 Jul 2007 /  #16

This is an excellent suggestion by you, and I thank you very much. You're a star!!

When ever this forum has awards; you will deserve one.
4 Jul 2007 /  #17
Janusz, what a splendid job. Hats off to you!
There are many questions on this forum, how do you pronounce this or that, and now thanks to you - our english speaking friends who learn polish - can use your videos to hear the sounds. Practice, practice, practice...
OP janusz  
6 Jul 2007 /  #18
Thank to all you people in this forum. My dream is to create a serial of videos to learn Polish. It should be that good and comprehensive that anyone who would like to learn Polish would just need to watch those videos to learn it quick, efficient and properly.

After I will work out a general concept schedule (the alphabet serial it the very beginning, afterwords I am going to do it like: “one video - one verb”) (then) I’m going to approach as many Polish schools or/and other cultural entities asking them to produce language situations videos (under my guidance, so that they would complement the general concept, meet certain quality minimum and use the corporate graphics)

Just imagine, all those Polish young people in a united afford to make the learning of Polish language a comfortable and pleasant adventure to the rest of the world.

I love this idea :)
6 Jul 2007 /  #19
Great Idea Janusz. I think admin should compile these and make a sticky thread.
6 Jul 2007 /  #20
i think you have done a brilliant idea janusz :) thank you

and as it is said in polish ... pratyka czyni mistrza :D
7 Jul 2007 /  #21
this is wickeeeeeedddd.. good on u, many thanks n keep up the good work
8 Jul 2007 /  #22
Janusz will these alphabet video always be available on line? Or can I download them from somewhere?


Great job on the alphabet. My wife has been looking for a CD with the alphabet on it and we could not find one. And then the use of each letter in a word is a great idea. Hope you get a CD out soon or let us know how to access the lessons as much as we want.

17 Jul 2007 /  #23
Pronuciation of Polish word

Where can I learn how to pronounce the Polish words?
17 Jul 2007 /  #25
Great Idea Janusz. I think admin should compile these and make a sticky thread.

I agree with this.. Janusz!!! more,, more more...

Least the alphabet :)))
18 Jul 2007 /  #26
These are great fun, keep em comming :)
And soon some more difficult ones...
20 Jul 2007 /  #27
Janusz, Thanks so much, You have been extremely helpul!!! I am looking forward to the next ones to come..............Thanks a million!!!!!!!
20 Jul 2007 /  #28
Only just noticed this thread. Great work. Hands on is what's needed yep.
Reading about where to position your tongue sounds good but i've found taking it straight from the horse's mouth can't be beaten. Yep still in the foothills here mate.

Base camp one in sight then. :)
22 Jul 2007 /  #30

I love this.. and I think I am catching on too... there was two in peticular
that caught my attention .. well three.. but the two that made me chuckle
I wont say cause I am sure they will catch it too :)))

yes,, very helpful

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